Dec or Jan Atlantis?

Hi all, I’m C2P and have saved up 10,000 gems to make three 10x pulls in Atlantis.

My current team: Ranvir+6, Zim, Frida+6, Victor+6 and Evelyn+6

How do I distribute my pulls to get the best chances at an upgrade to my team considering the featured heroes (dec: Onatel, Burrito, Átomos, Natalya; Jan: Zeline, Misandra, Kunchen and Poseidon)?

In all honesty, save em for January if you do not have Kunchen. Also, since you have 10K gems, that is more than enough for a x30 pull and a few single pulls. A x30 is 8600 I believe (if someone knows the actual amount please correct me).

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I’d save them for feb, the hotm looks to be amazing plus you’ll have a shot at, I believe, Ariel and Del who I see as better healers then kunchen. If that’s too long and you want to go in December or January, I’d go January.

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Thank you both! I didn’t know about the 30x pull, that’s awesome and great to know, appreciate it!

I managed to not pull on December and have around 9.7k gems. Now the problem is I just realized there’s Guardians in January and Jean-Francois does look amazing… decisions decisions… where do you think I’ll get more chance of getting a top 5 star? Jan Atl, Teltoc or feb Atlantis?

Thank you!

If you are looking for a 5*, Atlantis is way better than an event based on the percentages. But I’d note that there are some good 4* heroes too. I for one have never pulled for guardians other than a single EHT here and there in two years (gasp!) but plan to this January. There are a few 4*'s there I’d be happy with in addition to a 5*.

So I guess it depends on what you want. Note the HOTM chance does not change so if that’s all you want, the event is better as it’s cheaper. But Atlantis has separate percentages for featured and non-featured 5* with the HOTM chance.

This doesn’t answer your question, but gives you more food for thought.

edit: I just reread your initial thread. My recommendation would be Atlantis in your situation. January has some good ones. February is decent too. Featured heroes for both include:

January: Zeline, Kunchen, Misandra, Poseidan
February: Delilah, Frida, Mok-Arr, Ariel

Personally, I like the January batch better unless you want better odds at a 5* healer and Jean.

edit2: season 3 is coming. Atlantis rotation can always change.


Sorry to hear that @anon96970591. They are odds so you have a chance of having exactly what you got, or worse!!! I still think the odds are better (know actually, not think), but there is never a guarantee when you are playing with RNG.

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Thanks @littleKAF ! I was leaning towards Jan Atlantis too but Jackal and Panther are so tempting (already got Falcon)

@anon96970591 Dang, so sorry to hear that :cry: I keep dreading that’s gonna be me too lol

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