Pull Atlantis now or next month?

Hi all, first post here. I’ve been playing for a little over 2 months… I’ve thrown a little bit of cash at the game when some really good deals pop up and am not scared to throw a little more in.

I’m itching to do an Atlantis pull, currently have 5200 gems… I would really like to do it next week, but my issue is the HOTM… I realize it’s a long shot, especially when I could really only afford 10-20 pulls this time around… but the rumored HOTM for July looks quite good - the Purple Ranger. I have the 2 4 star purple healers (Rigard on last level of ascension) and am hurting for some purple DPS…

I do have some leveling for each color to do, currently boosting; Melendor 4/61, Boldtusk 4/22, Grimm 3/35 which I have ascension mats for, Rigard 4/24, Wu Kong 3/51… and have a Sonya @ 3/60 and Magni @2/60.

So maybe I could just work on them for now, save gems and do a 30 pull next month…? The trouble is I’m impatient :wink: and I’m obviously heavy on healing…

Hopefully my ramblings make sense. I’m quite tired :smiley: thanks in advance for any advice.

I reckon save it, as you already have Wu, so Ranvir is less attractive at this stage in your game


Agree with @Infinite, save it. Right now you don’t need anymore projects to start. That’s a big mistake that I made when I started. Had 10 different heroes going but none making much progress. Once I buckled down and starting concentrating on one at a time, I was much happier…as was my outpost Defense :wink:


Perfect, you guys sort of confirmed what I was thinking. :slight_smile: about Ran/Wu being a little redundant and the fact that I have plenty on my plate already. It’s going to be hard watching it go by, but I’m happy to hear your opinions. Thanks :smiley:

Feel free to chime in on the Grimm/Sonya ascension too :wink: everything i read tends to lean towards Grimm… and he seems to be Quite the dangerous fellow.


Didn’t see that question. Maybe I didn’t think it was a question. You’re right, Grimm, no contest

I have Sonya ascended for those occasions when you know you’ll need a debuff in a blue stack (and you don’t have Frida), but her use case is limited

Grimm on the other hand is awesome


Yeah, wasnt really a question to begin with. I do have Melendor and Sabina for healers with enemy dispels, should a battle require it too. It definitely comes in handy sometimes… but also goes to waste plenty of times as well. Tyty.

Great team so far, definitely wait on a pull. It looks like you have enough projects to keep you busy until next month (Grimm for sure btw) which gives you more time to save gems too. If you want to increase your chances for the July HOTM you can accumulate Atlantis coins in the meantime as well. Some gem specials should pop up for the summer event.


If you want to play long term and move up to 12-14 star titans, Wu is a huge detriment compared to tarlak or ravnir - he gets one shot without regard to battle items. Tarlak or ravnir are keys to 12 star plus titan longevity.

There will always be new hitters in every color coming, but the odds of getting Ravnir or Tarlak drop CONSIDERABLY outside that first month.

So if thats your goal then I would pull this month.

Cool. I’m almost back up to 200 A. Coins again and have begun hitting some stages on Hard Mode in the first province…

My original goal was to get Proteus and a Green striker of some sort. I just busted through to Platinum, not that it will stick, being around ~3065 but I would at least like to easily stick my head over 1800 trophies every time I can finish my Raid quests.

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Interesting… I get your point.

I really like my current alliance, but it’s the random one I initially joined and they seem pretty lax and maybe a bit too casual for my future goals… I will take this into consideration within the next week as well, even though I’m still leaning towards waiting.


Sounds like you are getting the hang of the game for only playing a couple months so good work. My best advice is being patient in the game and not trying to chase the top because honestly there is no fast way to do it. I’ve seen many players get alot of 5 stars early but lack to materials to max them and so on.

Regarding Atlantis, that’s up to you. Take a look at the heroes first n see what you think , if u can save enough for a 30 spin another month then it’s better value.


Once again going to agree with @Infinite, Grimm is a beast especially emblemed up a bit. Sonya is useful but of the pulverized trio (Gormek, Tibs and Grimm) Grimm has the best damage hands down. The tough question is do you make him less squishy with emblems, or my choice, go with maxing out his strength…DAMAGE

Edit: Do you have Caedmon? If so I find him pretty useful for a green sniper, especially with his little minion friend after Emblems. (even putting 1 emblem is worthwhile to me, you’d be surprised how often that can proc in the course of a battle)


@h0nkyJ, Both Wilbur and Proteus continue to elude me. I’m starting to think they are doing it on purpose. Although I’ve pulled some great heroes going for them (Hel, Anzogh, Margaret, 3 Frida’s) just neither of my immediate wants (Frida and Hel kinda softened the blow however :wink:


Yeah, I was discouraged at first for not getting more 5 stars when I threw old Google Play card $$ at it - but now after seeing the big picture/getting used to the game I am more than happy to utilize the 4 star heroes and see that one can go quite far in the game strictly with them. This game is forcing me to learn a little bit of patience :wink:

I do not have Caedmon, that is the card I had in mind… the green equivalent to Sonya, correct? I would probably max Grimms damage too, as i have enough healing for multiple situations… and the thought of pairing him with Boldtusk’s buff is sweeeet.

I did manage to get my hands on a Wilbur but didnt realize how great his utility is until joining up on the forum. I think I pulled him and my Magni on single, Atlantis coin pulls last time around back to back :o

Thank you all again, this seems to be a helpful, nice community!


With what you have PATIENCE is going to be the key. Maxing what you have will help you out alot. Seeing something new will make you want to stop and level it. AM are also important and after 2 months I’m sure you don’t have an advanced enough base to fulfill the needs and demands of 4* & 5* characters. I know I can’t at this moment without spending money so the wait game it is for me.
Your core 5 are a great start that many would love to have. I’m sure they will get you far.
This game is a marathon. Without patience you will either rage quit or dish out alot of money. Ultimately the decision is yours.
Good luck in your decision and pulls


Thanks man. I couldn’t agree more and I’m thankful that I realized myself that ascension mats are key… I used to curse the game right away and swore I wouldn’t stick with it… after realizing that the AM are the bottle neck it seems pretty nice that you can pay to essentially acquire the 5 star heroes… But!.. you can’t realize their full potential until you play a lot… I’m glad to have figured out that 4 stars are really the bulk of the game.


I just got a random EHT from watching the ad videos… used it… got Ranvir! Lool…! Now I’m really pumped about waiting til next month for the 30 pull…

And now I dont know what to do with Wu Kong… keep him at 3/60? Use the orbs on Ranvir eventually here? I’ll have to look into it.


Grimm–he’s going to pair nicely w/ Wu on Titans and he’ll be a nice 1 2 punch w/ Magni later.

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Depends on how many darts (and demi blade/tomb) you have mate. I would say if you have 6 orbs but 3-4 of each demi blade and tomb then max Wu out. He is still great for hero depth in wars.
You will most likely have 6 orbs before getting 6 blade/tomb if that is the case.
If ya got all the mats to max ranvir now then go hard ! :slight_smile:

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