What is the best time this month to pull?

I’m hoping to pull the hotm. I’m doing a 10 pull for epic first day.

Then we have pirates. I’m only missing miss locke.
Then sand comes where i only miss 1 4* and the 5 star tank
At last we get Atlantis. I’m not too happy with my pulls overall, but got Ariel…

Got 10k diamonds… what would be the best time to try? AND i got 17 hero tokens…

Others with questions about this in your specific situation feel free to post your question here.

Atlantis is always a good time to pull for the guaranteed AM.

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If I’m not mistaken, Atlantis Rising will occur during Sand Empire. Will there be two different summons?

As i remember yes there will be 2 summon portals


Atlantis will always be the best value for pulls, even with the bonus of the ASC material from the chest. Personally I don’t spend gems on anything else for spins except for that.

I used 14 EHT on the springvale event to try get Lupus, couldn’t even score squire haha all good/food ! 10k of gems IMO is best spent on a 30 spin Atlantis.

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Sure will be (20 characters)

Sounds like you need more from Atlantis also in terms of different heroes. Maybe a thirty pull there, and use your EHTs for Sand?

Not relevant anymore…got my ranvir

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Lol nice score!!! Enjoy those beasty titan hits

I have never had any luck in the Atlantis pulls. I mean all 3* and 1 -4* every time. I have seen posts with super lucky summons but it doesn’t happen for everyone.

Hope your luck turns around for you mate. I have been really lucky in Atlantis without doing silly amounts of pulls in the last 3 months so fingers crossed the same happens for u

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