Wonderland vs Atlantis

I am in a very indecisive decision at the moment. I am only gonna be doing one x10 pull on my main profile but I do not know what I want to do it on. Granted I only have one event hero on my main being Vlad, but I really want at least one or two of the heroes from the Wonderland event. The only heroes I really have left to get in Atlantis is all the five stars in the Sakura family, all the five stars across all the other families, Gaderius, Wilbur, to name a few. And with the new Wonderland heroes coming out, I would like to see one pop up. My roster on my main is pretty big for being a borderline c2p and f2p. And the five stars have slowly begun to show themselves.

Any thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated. :grin::metal:

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I am glad you bring this up. I am in the same position.

I am leaning towards wonderland myself just due to uniqueness of the heros being available.

On the flip side Mok-Arr is my only Atlantis 5* and I just maxed him. People should really try him before they complain about him. Dude is fun. He got tabbards before Sartana, Quintus, and Obakhan…


Wonderland and Christmas are the 2 I’d do a 10 pull for. They are less gem cost but Atlantis gives you an ascention item chest too. Tough call, perhaps the featured Atlantis heroes will make up your mind for you.


I consider myself also c2p, and I wanted Viktor or Valeria just for some twist in the tournaments. Got Neith in a 10-pull. I consider myself lucky. So go for wonderland! Atlantis will be there forever!


Ikr I think he is really underrated. Sure he can damage his own team but it’s not that much damage and he really shows yellow enemies what pain is.

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@JussufSegelbaer That is what happened to me right when the Halloween event started and October’s Atlantis Summon! I was initially shooting for any of the Atlantis 5 stars or another Proteus, was on a string of Chochins (was doing single pulls) and on the third Chochin, out pops Kingston on my main!

Come Halloween, was on my first alt, had been saving gems for one pull. I pull, get Valen and Kingston in the same pull! I was stoked to get back to back Kingston’s, one on each account! So i don’t count out not getting a HoTM even if the odds are low. But I don’t hype myself up every pull hoping for one.

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LOL…you made a HUGE mistake IMO. Mok-Arr is garbage.

PS I have TWO of them sadly.

he’s far from garbage.

He needs to be used correctly and he can shine. I have been raiding with him since I maxed him and it has worked out pretty well.

Sure Sartana was the popular choice but I didn’t need another sniper . I have an abundance of purple so decided to have some fun.

I am glad I did.


Well he’s the worst Atlantis hero alongside Atomos (who I also sadly have). He’s way worse than Sartana, way worse than Domitia. Better than Quintus and Obakan? Debatable. I’d say he is worse than those two even and they are considered two of the worst classic 5* heroes. If that isn’t garbage then no hero in this game is garbage.

Glad you’re having fun…hope they boost him someday for you!

A boost would be welcome but seriously though you should really try him out before you just base him off stats.

With Wilbur he is pretty awesome. And you even get damage through to purple that way I believe.


a few Atlantis heros I still want but they always available each month, event heros is different! Wanna cat n boss wolf but that’s me! Will try for them

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I see @King_Nothing has the defense of Mok-arr well in-hand so I’ll take on Atomos.

The problem that people can’t get past with Atomos is he looks like a defense tank but he’s easy to get around. Actually, I’ve found him to be good for a few things:

  1. Offense - You can time his special and he never dies. There are times I intentionally get him killed just to up his health.

  2. Flank - I ran him beside my Santa tank and easily stayed in Diamond. I actually did better than with the Morgan I currently have there.

  3. War - He’s been trouble when plopped in the corner for war - Attack boost round especially. By the time your enemy gets to the corner, he’s ready to fire and has potentially had several attack boosts going. Since he hits all He can wipe out a full team.

Off-topic done. Back to topic :grin:


In my honest opinion, if you did not have Wilbur (so you already said that not have Wilbur yet) and Proteus, then go for Atlantis.


In my honest opinion, I would go in the following order - Atlantis, Christmas, Wonderland. Good luck

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Hasn’t there been a lot of discussion about whether to go for white rabbit or neith? Kinda solves it for me. We only get Wonderland what twice a year? I might be wrong there. We get Atlantis every month. That means a chance at every Atlantis hero every month. Plus 2 of the HOTM, so unless you desperately want an old HOTM (odds very slim) then I’d do a 10x pull in wonderland. In my situation I already have Alice, Hatter, and CoD so if I get another Wonderland hero that family bonus could be legit.


Chances of getting 5 star out of a 10 pull are really low. If your question is… should I pull 10 on Wonderland and get Alice + White Rabbit, or should I pull on Atlantis and get Ariel + Kageburado, then I’ll say… if you consider yourself this lucky go and play a lottery.

Chances are you are going to get maybe 2-3 decent 4 stars and a bunch of feeders, and MAYBE a lucky 5 star pull but really advising on which hero is best when you have less than 10% chance of getting any in a 10x pull is just empty speculation.

I’d go with the Atlantis in your position, especially if you lack few of the 4 star heroes there. Many of them are great. Wilbur is a must have. Wonderland’s 4 stars are meh (people would argue on Cat but keep in mind this would be mostly to counter high level titans on purple stacks, nothing else). Plus even if all you get is 10 3 star feeders, you are still going to get that ascension mat roll.


This was pretty fun. Board was decent but still fun!


@Suicide_Bunny I don’t really aim to get any old HoTMs in all honesty. I am just trying to at least have one of each Atlantis hero. Only one that is 4 stars or higher that I wouldn’t mind having more than one of is Proteus, he is that dang good. In season 2 I am just looking to complete the collection so to speak without really spending an astronomical amount. It’ll be slow but this is a marathon.

So have you compared, using him without Wilbur?

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well they don’t always get charged at the same time even though their both average. Depends on tiles.

He works well without Wilbur active. He does enough damage to everyone beside purple. I usually snipe purple with Seshat. At that point there is a good chance I win.

I have pretty good success with the team I have with him.

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