To Guin or not to Guin that is the question


i have a question regarding Guinevere:

i have 5 darts and 6th should arrive soon… and i wonder if i should ascend her or not…

Looking around here in the forum i see that some people

  • think she (still) is very good (or the best tank)
  • think she is ok but not more and not difficult to beat

so i’m not sure what to do:

right now i run this defense:

Evelyn+13, Frida+9, Gravemaker+6, Melendor(costume)+20, Richard+1.

this defense usually keeps me in diamond (sometimes close to 2400)

i’m thinking of having:

Evelyn+13, Gravemaker+6, Guinevere(+11), Melendor(costume)+20, Frida+9

so i wonder if i should replace my gravemaker tank by guinevere…

i have ~700 emblems for Guinevere which would bring her to +11 or so i think…

do you think this is a good idea?

I do have Joon at 3.70 right now which would be an alternative… and plan to pull at next
Atlantis where Poseidon is featured (could be another alternative if i would pull him)
Other maxed yellow 5 stars: Leonidas and Ranvir.

what do you think? To Guin or not to Guin that is the question…

Thanks in advance,


Personally I think you’ll get more use/ value from Joon than Guinevere.

Your defence is only one component of the game… More is won/ value in attack against raids, titans, wars, events etc…

Not knowing your full roster/ stable I can’t really make any suggestions about what lineup would be best.


Hi @Guvnor,

this is exaclty what i’m try to solve: what is more valuable / enjoyable… :slight_smile:

right not i enjoy that my attackes loose every now and then against me and i can stay in diamond most of the time. My hope is that with Guin i could win more often and stay easily in diamaond (or 2500+) without worries. (Not sure if Guin will do that for me).

giving the darts to Joon… hm…

i can finish all quests/events so far without having him maxed… s2 is finished as well in hard mode. I don’t compete in legendary events for time… and in 5* raid tournaments i’m not so sucessfull… will he make a huge difference here?

on the other hand: i usually re-roll when i get a purple tank… Kunchen, Ursena, Bosswolf, Khiona… you name them… using ranvir and Leo maxed and my maxed 4* yellow 4 stars or joon at 3-70 i loose too ofen against them… but will Joon make that significanlty better ? Since… i usually attak red, blue and green tanks (with sucess most of the time). Yellow tanks it depends on the type of tank… Justice and Vivica i’m ok with… Guin i’m not… i loose to often against her. So purple is my weak spot (if the oponent runs it as tank) but i can live with it since i have 3.5 other colours that i’m fine with…

so i’m really not sure if i should prefer Joon or Guinevere…

Kind regards,


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Ultimately we can only advise. You’ll have to make the final call based on what your thoughts are and how they fit into your roster and your play style.

For me, i think there is more versatility in Joon than on Guinevere. HOWEVER there are arguments that go the other way also.


I wouldn’t consider maxing guin before joon unless your alliance runs yellow tanks in alliance wars and even then i would probly still max joon first and guin would get the next set of darts

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I recommend always to Guin!

My opinion, Guin will make your defense better. She is still a top tier tank, though counters exist now (she’s not as OP as she once was).

Joon is more dynamos as you can stack with him and use him on offense. Guin is more passive as you won’t play with her much since she’s defense oriented.

That I think is the big difference. Best defense is Guin. More versatile is Joon.

Personally, with Gravemaker and even Richard, you have a tank. My preference is Joon too. But I also like ascending seasonal, event, and HOTM. Just something about the title makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


I ascended and maxed Guin with no regrets. She was my first 5* yellow, and Joon only arrived after I’d maxed her. Guin is also useful on offence, I feel, to shut down the opponent’s mana and/or provide a health boost.

In your case, Joon may be more useful immediately.

I got her when she first came out and she was my first maxed yellow 5.

She dropped from titan groups a year ago,
She dropped from main yellow mono team 3 months ago.
She dropped as tank 2 weeks ago.

She still is used on my yellow “B” team and she flanks Boss Wolf on my defense.

If I had to choose today, I would take Joon. If I had his costume, it would be even more so. Guin had her run and she is still a great hero, but she isn’t the queen she use to be.

I would go with Joon just because he’s more versatile.

Thanks for all the comments and experiences… then i think it should be Joon… (but it still feels a little bit sad not to ascend Guin)

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Good topic because I’m in the same boat although I do have Richard with the costume along with Joon, who I finally pulled. Down the road, I’m also sitting on LotL so makes me wonder what direction I should go. My alliance uses purple tanks and Guin gives me some issues during raids, but nothing like going against Ursana and Kutchen

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I’m in the same boat but with only Neith and Vivica as 5* yellows, I think its pretty clear what I should do especially since Joon has the costume

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If your alliance is running dark tank then I agree Joon is the choice. I am a fan of costumed Joon and IMO he is one of the best hero in the game.
Guin is an ascension priority only if your alliance is running yellow tank. She may or may not be the best tank in raid, however, she is still by far the best tank in war.

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thanks amigo for more insight

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