How do you rate Guinevere on offense?

I just pulled Guinevere last week and at first I got really happy.
But the more I thought of it I couldn’t see a use for her on my defense team. I know she is regarded as one of the top tier tanks in this game, but the way raiding works as of now I rather drop down to about 2350-2400 to fill my chest in diamond. My alliance is running purple tanks so she’s no good there.
I have read a lot about her defense skills, but how do you rate her as a purely offensive hero?
I got enough mats to ascend one yellow hero, and now I’m wondering if Poseidon is the best choice…

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I think she’s crap offensively. She’s too passive for offense. You want aggressive butt kickers. Guin might be dead before she can use her special in most battles.

I actually use Guinevere on my yellow attack team (I go 3-2, the remaining 2 depends on who I feel is the next biggest threat, but I like Wilbur & Anzogh best).

She usually keeps Joon and Jackal alive to fire and kill.

I love her on offense. The mana cut is great and she keeps two heroes alive. I use her on my yellow mono stack in the middle, flanked by Jackal and Li Xiu.

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She’s an ok attacker. She’s a healer for herself and 2 allies. The mana cut slows down your opponent and can help you if you need to buy some time to charge a slow hero or something.

While attacking she is a bit more useful than Kashhrek due to her mana cut.

I like her on offense if running double heals

Buffs & heals 3
Cuts mana of all

She’s a li xiu++

Tanky enough she’s rarely dead before 9 tiles and just like in defense once she gets goin she can alter the outcome of a match.

-20% mana cut is typically enough to get by 2 turns without enemy firing, dependent of course on board…if you use it then slam up a cascade obviously they’ll regain the mana quicker but with good board manipulation, it works pretty well

(Her and delilah are the only holy healers that fill mana in 9 tiles or less btw, even costumed lvl29 troop viv takes 10 tiles which can be a big difference in a tight match of needing 3 3 tile matches or 4 that would fill non costume viv without the expensive troop anyways)


Really depends on someones roster I think. For me she would be a great holy addition because I terribly suck at yellow… If one‘s yellow stack is filled quite good, she is no help on offense

I just got her too and leveled her enough to begin using her. She is better then I expected. I use her on my yellow mono team and durability to finish was my biggest issue. I have her between Jackal and Drake. I also have Li Xui on my team so the mana cut is really big when they both fire.

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All of this is spot on, but i’m assuming that if he is keeping your cups a touch lower and looking for a reason to use her offensively, he doesn’t have the deepest bench and darts for poseidon will get much much more action.



She ran on my yellow mono team for almost 2 years. She still gets used on secondary team when fighting purple war tanks.

That bit about her dying before casting is false. If things go bad, she is often the last one standing.

She is very good…not great on offense. Put her in the middle of your most critical heroes to keep them alive.


I just responded to the title without actually reading the OP

It was just an offensive analysis of the hero without circumstantial advice but I’m sure you’re probly right from the sounds of it

Will go back and read when done driving

I dont think there is any need. I thi nk you were spot on, just my .0000002 added for context for the OPs benefit.

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Full disclosure, I don’t have Guinevere, and I’m basing my experience largely on an assortment of individual experiences that are similar (Ranvir/Frida for the elemental defense, Ares/Magni for the area effect, and Li Xiu for the mana cut).

She’s… okay. That has more to do with the fact that yellow heroes in general are pretty weak offensively.

At a base 778 defense, she’s indeed one of the ones most likely to remain standing, but she doesn’t really add much offensive power compared to other options unless you emblem her out, but the Wizard class is kind of lost on her. The elemental defense can help against dark snipers and really take a lot of the sting out of it, but that’s a corner-case scenario and rarely comes into play in offense. Usually it’s a nice surprise when it happens for me since I don’t take that into consideration when constructing an offensive team for a particular raid matchup. The heal-over-time is nice, and being one of the few yellow healers in existence, she can certainly add some value there if your playstyle tends toward healers (I like two healers myself). The mana cut can buy you a turn or two, depending on the hero in question and the board setup, and this can be all the difference in the world. On a mana-cut / control heavy team (which yellow excels at) with the likes of Chao, Li Xiu, Gretel, and/or Neith, she can effectively shut down enemy defenses for a while, giving you plenty of time to gain/regain control of a board or dominate, once again depending on the board layout.

If your playstyle tends toward a more durable, grindy team, she can actually be quite good. Guin being a heal-over-time has a reduced guarantee of keeping her flanks alive, but in general is adequate. I personally prefer more durable, defensive teams for offensive raiding that can usually survive several hits and sniper fire and heal themselves back up, so Guin would work decently for me. An example with my bench would be (Frida - Ares - Richard) in the center. Kinda slow and ponderous, but good god, when it goes off, it absolutely craters a defensive area like a mac truck.

But if you prefer a more “balls to the wall” throw all the firepower at it and hope you kill them before they kill you (featuring glass cannon heroes like Grimm, Magni, Scarlett, Little John, etc as prime exemplars), then Guin probably isn’t going to suit your fancy that much.

The best lower-tier example to Guin that I can think of would be Kashhrek. Not exactly going to win any awards for “wow” factor, but you’re giving their flanks the best chance of survival. If you pair them with relatively squishy heroes as neighbors, you’re increasing the odds that they’ll endure a defensive slash/area attack barrage and maybe buy yourself some time to work mediocre boards, but that’s about it.

So in general, I’d say a B grade which may drop to a C if your playstyle features a more “all out” approach. She’s okay, but this is more because of how weak yellow’s bench is in general than her being individually that great. She won’t win any awards, but you could do worse.


I run her in my Holy mono, Ranvir-guin-Jackalx2/Neith. But like someone mentioned before, holy has no deep bench, got Inari, Musashi, Gretel. Dont have Poseidon, but would rather replace Neith than Guin if i had him. And i am always happy when opponents sniper shoot her direction and not at my Jackals :heart_eyes:

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