Too Many Yellow, too little darts?

Hey, y’all. I’ve had a lot of luck pulling lately!
Looking at Yellow, my only maxed 5 star is Joon. But, now I have Delilah, Poseidon, Ranvir, Justice… and I JUST pulled Guinevere. I was just about to use my darts on Delilah BC I don’t have any 5 star healers… just want to double check. Guinevere is amazing and it’s not even a question that she gets my darts?


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Are you using holy tanks in war?
Do you already have a solid maxed 5* tank you can use?

Cuz personally, aside from defense, I’m not all that big of fan of Guin. & As you said, you’re lacking healers, where Delilah would help you so much better in that department - and she’ll be a better addition on offense [compared to Guin] too.

Though, I may be in the minority on this, as I don’t value defense a whole lot unless war defense is also being considered [in that], cuz that’s where Guin shines the most (imo). & If you’re not using holy tanks in war, yet need a tank for defense, Delilah can still fill that role nicely.

Though, I may be bias, as I covet Delilah while already owning Guin - whom doesn’t see use outside of being placed as center in war


Honestly? I think I would seriously consider Delilah. She and Guin are right there next to each other when it comes to masterful defense for Holy at tank, but Delilah has more versatility. You could have her anywhere in the defense and it can turn a battle into a crapshow for the offense.

Also, while Guin has a lot of value as a defensive tank, she’s kind of stuck in that role. Delilah can be just as strong in an offensive set with the healing and defense boosts.

If it were me, I’d go with Delilah.


Thanks for the input. I’m glad I decided to ask before I made a move. It’s does make sense, especially with my current lineup, that I concern maybe with a more versatile healer than a straight up tank…
sheesh. Who woulda thunk

I lack a strong 5 star tank as well. I just have Kingston, Magni, Joon and Elena full leveled… I usually split them up in war and keep Rigard or Boldtusk at tanks… Ihave 3 maxed Rigard and 3 Boldtusk

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I’ve played for a year, pulled no yellow 5’s. Sitting on 15 darts. RNG laughs maniacally in our faces.


Rigard (in costume) - Elena - Delilah - Magni - Kingston

This would be a very tough defense to beat when fully leveled in my honest opinion.

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Delilah is already a superior healer. If you can land a Dark element hero that can do serious damage like maybe Ursena, Seshat, or even a Tiburtus+C10 or higher (going +Attack & +Defense on the Talent Grid). That would give you more offensive firepower in the rainbow set.

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I love Delilla, Guin is a fine tank as well. I would tell you go with whatever emblems work for you. Meaning, if you have no wizards - you can bulk Guin for tank. Which would make sense if your embleming Kingston. If your not then Delilla is good for offence and defense where Guin is pure defensive tank

I ascended Delilah.
I don’t understand the purple idea… I don’t have any heavy purple hitters, I can level Tiburtus, tho…
I’m not sure how purple is significant with Delilah?

To satisfy the Rainbow. It makes it more challenging to stack against.

Ahh, yes… more difficult to killer the healer! Double up on the opposing color of your healer. I like it. Thanks :blush:

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