Question about a defence formation. Advice needed!

Okay so I am just curious about what you all would thing about Aegir as a tank and flanked respectively by Black Knight and Wilbur? Then I would probably have two snipers on the outside?? Is it overkill with the spirit link? I just think that the def down with Wilbur pairs very well with Black Knight, but in the same breath, so does Aegir. So why not have both! It it a bad idea? I would love to hear some opinions on the matter.

It’s too passive. It gives the attacker many many turns to get their board sorted and win.

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Well it depends where you are. That will be tough in platinum.

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@SWEG Yeah that was one of my fears. I guess for that formation to work in would need to be an extraordinary circumstance =/

Wayyyy to passive :slight_smile:

Also there is a conflict when using BK and a damage share…

Essentially the damage gets shared to all people BEFORE BKs “flesh wound” thing kicks in…

I don’t know your full lineup so can’t make a proper recommendation about a defensive lineup but the one suggested will not be great.

@Guvnor Well I can attest to the damage share while black knight is activated and it works very well, so long as its aegir. I have not yet been able to test with Wilbur as I just pulled him. However with BK berserker buff the 20% att increment very nicely. This is a litter harder two pull off in a battle with another person, though they are both average mana heros and tend to go off at nearly the same time. I also just took BK and Aegir through a whole province on season two just a bit ago and every fight I came out of was nearly full health. Worked well.

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