To ascend or not to ascend, that is my poll question

I have the mats to ascend 4 heroes right now, two being great candidates for ascencion, the 3rd is decent and the 4th raises some minor flags but still decent. I’m hesitant because I’m indecisive and think that S3 might be around the corner and I’ll miraculously get super lucky and get every shiny new hero and hate myself for using my mats. I also have some S1 heroes I didnt plan on ascending but costumes might change everything soon. Obviously that is overly optimistic that I’ll land these new heroes/costumes but that’s just who I am. I dont ever go crazy on pulls but I’ve had above average luck with summons (which explains why I’m overly optimistic). Anywho here’s the question. I’m really only interested in hearing if I should wait or not and not in actually discussing the specific heroes I would ascend… yay for ambiguity. (Obviously all opinions would be guesses but I’m ok with it)

  • Go ahead and ascend, theres no way we see S3 or new costumes anytime soon
  • Wait for new costumes, they’re likely to be on par with new heroes
  • I’d wait for S3. It’s right around the corner and you’ll definitely get every hero you want

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And fyi I have 7 rings, and 6 tabards, darts and scopes so not close to another set.

Just a FYI, there is some info out about S3 heroes in the sneak peak/ beta beat post about season 3.

But to answer your question, I propose it depends largely on
a) how much you spend (and plan to keep spending) and
b) which heroes you currently have to ascend.

If you’re a big spender, and are dubious about the heroes you got now, maybe hold off as you’ll get better heroes later.

If the heroes are good or you’re C2P or F2P there’s no guarantees so level and ascend what you use and what you got.

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The first 5* I maxed was Leo. Much better heroes joined my bench later on. I wish I could get those mats back…

I tend to wait now. I get them to 3.7 and toy around with them for a while. This gives me a chance to decide if they’re worth the mats and see who’s coming down the chimney later on

I’m up to 18 darts now. I’ve narrowed it down to Joon and the white rabbit for titans. Still undecided after that. But I’m in no hurry. This is a long-term game so… why have a hurry-up strategy?

I’m ascending as long as I have the materials for ascending another time. I like to always have the choice. Also I’m not leveling up to fast in view of Path of Valor.

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