Which 5* hero do I fully ascend?

Hey everyone! I’ve been playing for a bit more than a year now and have a total of five 5* heroes. I consider myself a c2p player and I max out around 3900 and I can get to diamond league, but just can’t stay there overnight w my defense as it’s definitely on the weaker side, so I’m curious I’d I should fully ascend the following or just keep hoping for my tc20 or pulls to spit out something better. I have enough mats to ascend, but just wondering if they’re worth it. Any thoughts on them are appreciated! Thanks for this assist!

S1 Richard 3/70 and just drew another one from tc20
S1 elkanen 3/70
S1 Leonidas (forgot to include in original post)
HOTM Grimble 3/70
My only fully ascended who is Mitsuko is maxed at +9 and the most are at 4/70

Without knowing the whole roster its difficult to advise . However from that list i Will finish Ricardo and then if you dont have a better project to focus on then do elkanel(not a Big fan of S1 greens besides Lianna ) next costumes if you are able to purchase Elkanen one will be a great addition.

I would not touch grimble. I have 6 tabards but as my purple choices are not good im waiting to see if i pull clarissa.
My choices are Aeron and Grimble

By “4.70” you’re meaning they’re at the point where they need their 4* mats and tactics tome and damascus blade?

That’s referred to as 3.70, for the sake of avoiding confusion.

If you have the mats and aren’t making pulls then it might just be worth ascending what you’ve got…
Elkanen isn’t anything special and nor is Grimble (Richard is a useful grinder), but you could be waiting a while for TC20 to turf out anything better.
In the meantime, those 5’s at max will help you gather more materials for the next ones.

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Oh you’re right. 3/70. Corrected!

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I have most of all the useful S1 epic heroes emblemed like Rigard +18, Caedmon +10, Grimm +10, Wu Kong +10, Kiril +14, Boldtusk +9 and costume Sonya +7

Non s1 heroes that I tend to use a lot are Wilbur +14 and Triton +15 (still trying to pull proteus for challenge events)

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If your still gonna spend a bit maybe wait a bit that’s what I’d would do

Yeah, don’t be in such a hurry with ascending heroes your not sure about. Mitzuko is awesome- great choice. Truth is s1 ( unless you have costume) is a poor mans 5*. You’d hate to blow mats and then get a S3 and wait awhile. To me leveling 4* up is smarter ( you only have 5-5*) and waiting to see what you get coming up. Look, you get a lot of coins and free summons from map stages, POV etc. And just wait til you get lucky with one of them

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