Ascend S1 5* or wait for season 3 also doing pulls this month?

It would seem Season 3 is right around the corner (maybe this month still?). Are people holding off on ascending any heroes now to preserve materials for S3 heroes?

Also how will you be spending gems? Avalon was going to be a 10 pull for me this month since I would love BK, Guin, LotL or maybe Arthur, but S3 heros with their realm bonus seems to be a better bet. I am relatively C2P, buying a few gem deals here and there, but I will never spend more than $10 at any given time for pulls. I have over 3k gems now, Atlantis is a no go for me this month so Avalon or S3?

I have a pretty good bench of 4* maxed (almost 30) so my ascension question really comes to the 3 5* I have that are worth leveling (sorry Horghallx2 and Atomos, but you dont make the cut). I do not have a blue sniper/heavy hitter or red sniper maxed, but I am in the process of working on Richard and his costume and Marjana. Should I continue maxing them?

Current 5* (max unless noted):
Snow White
Richard (3-41) Costume (1-1)

Marjana (2-24)

Mother North+5
Atomos (3-70)
Horghall (3-70)
Horghall (1-1)

Justice (3-70)

Thoth (3-70)
Qunitus (1-1) next purple project likely

I have the blades/tomes for 2 5*, red mats for 1 (Marjana for now), but only 1 scope currently so Richard and costume will sit at 3-70, enough purple mats for 1.

I’m waiting for season 3 heroes. I’ve been holding scopes and darts. I don’t want to max S1 heroes that need costumes to be competitive, until I at least have the costume.

I can’t speak for costumed Richard but Marjana is still worthy of rings, I would at least keep pushing her to 3-70 in case luck isn’t in your favor.

On the plus side, season 3 heroes look very strong.

On the down side the chance of pulling them (at least in the beta form) is extremely low.

I’d wait til the end of February to be safe. It’s not long

I agree with leveling Richard and Marjana to at least 3-70 before the end of the month to see if S3 comes out. Richard I will have to wait on anyway. Thanks for the advice there.

What about Avalon pulls vs S3? Avalon seems to have some of the better 5* heroes overall, but S3 is enticing. I did read this morning about the potential that S3 hero odds could be very low to start.

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I would (and will) summon at Avalon, some of the best 5* heroes are in there. I wouldn’t rush ascending any S1 5* in your position. You already have a certain depth, keep the mats for elite heroes.

I have been waiting for a red hitter for quite some time. My usual red 3tack is Zim, BT+20 and Wilbur and there are no hitters in that scenario and I rely on my 2 off colors for hitting power. Given that, do you still think waiting on Marjana is right? I also do not have any more rogue heroes worth emblems (could argue my second jackal waiting to be leveled is worth emblems, but one jackal at +20 is good enough right?)

Marjana has a strong case for you, can’t deny. That 3 stack has no punch. Even an emblemed Scarlett would work there.

For me collecting 4* mats takes so long that I play more conservatively when ascending 5* heroes. S1 heroes are really getting outdated compared to new ones, that’s why I kind of stopped working on them if there are other alternatives.

And one Jackal+20 is enough, you can the other one to me :smile:

I have Scarlett+4, I just have a hard time keeping her alive in a 3tack against heavily emblemed 5*. She does make my green titan squad and my mono stack if I go that route. I am not sure if I would call it a mistake so to speak, but I spent a good chunk of the beginning of last year not running any TC20 (turned it off) to run more TC11, 2 and occasional elemental as I had a lot of 4* heros I wanted to work on leveling. So ultimately it was good to focus on my 4*, but I missed out on the opportunity to get the S1 5*. Now that I have TC20 back up and running I am getting the S1’s and some still have a use for me. I might not even get Marjana to 3-70 before the end of the month and if S3 does come out I will see what I get from pulls there (and also Avalon). If no other reds come my way, Marjana gets the nod.

I would not say I regret maxing Snow White, but she has been a bit underwhelming so far. Plus she is Cleric which I have way overloaded as is. I have tried running Ariel, isarnia and SW and have had some mixed results, so I was pretty excited for Richard and his costume. Plus I have a load of paladin emblems for him.

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So now that Avalon has passed and I did not get any 5* heroes nor JF, I am thinking I need to max Marjana.

I doubt I would regret maxing Marjana, and she will be at 3-70 tomorrow. I have 8 rings now (not counting Umber, so 9 by the end of the day) and am hoping to get another set in Path of Valor.

Any reason I should wait?

Not in my opinion, Marj is a hero that you won’t regret giving your rings too. Plus you’ll have 4 more rings ready in no time.

I say go on. Marj, and all S1 fast snipers (Marj, Magni, Lianna, Joon, Sartana) are still very competitive heroes. They might lack flashier things of HotM or Event heroes, but they do well what they’re meant to do: weaken and kill single target fast.

Thank you for the feedback Jaws and Nightmare. I am glad you agree Marjana is worth it. I look forward to being able to use her once she is maxed. As it stands, I have a hard time using 3-70 5* because my 4* maxed are as good or better.

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