To all players who need help with killing Titans

Went into global chat and peer support chat to see what’s happening there and learn something myself.

While I was happy to learn a lot (thanks to all who answered my questions there) I was also amazed by the tons of cries for help with killing titans of various level - from 1* (yikes!) to 14*.

Now I understand that for smaller alliances, even with party members who have deep 4* and 5* rosters it’s impossible to kill a titan with a total of 8 purple flags per person.

And what I think players who constantly ask for help with killing titans should understand that this way they’re not progressing and not helping themselves. Today, say, they will receive help with killing a 5* titan, and tomorrow they will once again plea for help with the 6* titan…it’s basically a neverending circle.

So, I’d offer my advice to anyone who wants to read it, because I think that would be a realistic help - not babysitting them constantly and killing every new titan for them.

First word of advice: If there is insufficient people in your alliance to beat titans, change that ASAP.

1st way to change that: Have every active member in your alliance develop one, maybe even two side accounts purely devised for titan hits. It’s not so hard if you don’t pay attention to those accounts full-time. But even a low-leveled account can do much damage with 8 total purple flags, moreover newer accounts level up faster and those flags can be 11, or even 14 per titan.

2nd way to change that: Disband your current alliance of 2 or 3 players and have them all seek a bigger alliance to join.

Second word of advice: If the current titan level is unrealistically high for your team, drop to the power level of the titan you’re fine with and you can regularly kill. It’s much better IMO to comfortly slay five 5* titans per week rather than struggle with two 6*…

Third word of advice: Learn the basics for battling titans! For example, not so many players know that debuffing (decreasing the defense) of a titan is much more important to buffing. Especially if you attack the titan with a low-level team and expect a lot of hero casualties. A dead hero loses his attack boosting buffs, but still inflicts more damage on a defense-debuffed titan. Also, using items like minor mana potions, arrow attacks and bear banners increases the productivity of your lower-level teams vs the titans.

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