Kill 35 titans in 50 days - strategy?

So our alliance is now having a big discussion on the best way to achieve 35 titans in 50 days (if that is what is required - we still don’t know yet I suppose).

Two options:

  1. Continue as we normally have and flask when needed
  2. Drop titan stars and repeat 1 and 2 as necessary

Now I don’t want to say what my views are just yet but can anyone please enlighten me on the strategy?

Also isn’t a risk of option 2 the fact that we may have more than 5 titan tiers? Ie deliberately skipping titans when 45 titans could be needed sounds very dangerous to me

Assumptions: 25 members, 9-11* is our general range, we generally skip 12*. 9* and 10* is pretty standard for us.


Can’t think of who to tag, mind blank

Thanks all

I don’t think most alliances need to change strategy. Kill what you can handle and drop as necessary. If you’re in the range of killing them consistently, you’ll reach the goal. 5 per week will get you 35 kills in the timeframe. If your alliance keeps a relatively strong core, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.


Can someone from your alliance just start a new alt account, and then start a new alliance with the free gems?

After you kill the Titan in your main alliance, immediately move to the alt alliance and kill that Titan, and then come back to the main?

Surely the alt account Titan will rank up in stars quickly enough given the speed you’d be killing them right?

With 25 people, I think there should be enough flags?


Slightly beside the original point, but at some point we implemented a feature that if a titan is killed very quickly, the next titan will immediately be at least one full star higher.

  • Wrote by mhalttu in Active Player Lounge “the problem with elo ladder based matchmaking

So Id say that if your alliance would avoid killing your titans too quickly while letting pass some of the stronger ones you’ll not have many problems in reaching the quota.
For example, killing a new titan within a 2 hours of his spawn after you alliance stopped the previous titan isn’t a good idea.

Anyway, your alliance could always start with their titan’s attacks with cheap items and then the alliance leader would say at 11h from his escape if the titan have to die or if you would need to let him escape.

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Easiest solutuon


Option 2 doesn’t work. It takes too long to drop and when you kill a titan you get pushed back up. You have to be consistent at whatever level titan you normally kill. Plan accordingly, conserve resources and call a pass at the spawning time of an appropriate Pass Titan.

New alliances start at 1-star titans and work their way up. It might take one or two kills before reaching 2-stars where the lowest tier of the quest will start counting. Assuming you are all nice enough to tap at the titan lightly so that everyone gets part of the kill, you will eventually end up at your normal titan, but probably 2 - 3 weeks into the challenge and in the middle of the 3rd tier I think. I’m sure there’s a way to figure out the perfect way to time the creation of this alt alliance so that it reaches 5-star titans right as you need to start on the 4th tier of the challenge.


Yes, like usual and hoping for the best. Intentionally escapes wouldn’t be better than real escapes.


@FrenziedEye Yeah, what Rigs suggests is the perfect way to fill in a slot on the challenge during your alliances normal Pass Titan. You won’t lose any progress on the quest chain and some people in the alliance can take turns minding the store during the pass.


I don’t think you need to change anything… Realistically the typical alliance has a kill rate on titans of about 65-75%

Needing 35 titan kills in 50 days is doable:

50 Days
23 hours per titan
Total Titans = 52 titans

Need 35 kills:
35 of 52 titans = 67%

To further increase this when you have a pass titan, alliance members can duck out & merc a couple flags, get the kill counted and then come back…


Thanks all

Is it true that the longer you take to kill a titan, the less likely you are going to be promoted to a higher star?

At the cost of war chest participation? The trade-off might not be worth it…

It’s not 100% known…

Titans that spawn have an element of RNG to them, not just in the colour, but in the star rating as well…

It’s linked to the Titan Score of the alliance (higher score = more LIKELY to get a bigger titan star) but its not a guarantee…

I’m not 100% sure if anyone has really looked into the effect of killing titans quick vs. slow on the titan score tho so…

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War Chest participation only resets if you participate in a different alliances war…

As long as you are one of the following options you’re all good:

  1. Do not participate in another alliances war
  2. Leave & come back BEFORE matchmaking starts
  3. Leave AFTER matchmaking is done but BEFORE war starts
  4. Do NOT leave while the war is active.

If you observe the above 4 rules, your war chest won’t change in participation


Thanks for the info, guvnor. when merc’ing, do you have to stick around for the titan to die or do you get credit just for making hits?

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I predict chaos in our alliance if everyone flies around mercing korf, the timing would be pretty hard to do :joy::sunglasses:

You only lose war chest participation if you participate in a war for another alliance or are there during matchmaking

They untied wars and titans a long time ago


You can manage around war. Bigger loss would be with reduced Titan loot. I have usually found titans to be one of the best sources of mats in game, so would need to minimize # of alliance swaps

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Have to be present when the “loot” is given… Note merc loot is ■■■■…

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I already decided to return mercing when war is not up :sweat_smile:


I’m hoping it won’t be necessary for players to HAVE to go mercing in order to fill their quota. I suppose we’ll have to see how it goes this first time.


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