How to enhance titan's difficulty? - New alliance trouble

Hello everyone! :zap:

I’m here because I have a HUGE question, but I’m going to explain the details first:
:small_orange_diamond: I made a new alliance with my friends.
:small_blue_diamond: We’re 12 members with +3000 of team power.
:small_orange_diamond: We’ve been hitting 2* titans and because of that we made a unique rule: everyone will hit the titan just once so we all can defeat titans and get the titan chest

The fact is: 2 stars titans are too weak for us to hit them multiple times.

Today, one of us said: “what if that’s why we keep having 2* titans? We don’t kill him fast enough to get a tougher one”.

So my question is:
Is he right? :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:
We need to kill the titan faster in order to get a stronger titan?

PS: sorry for my english.

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