Help on blue titan team

Hello all and happy new year.

2021 bring me my first Lianna :blush: and I am now wondering how to upgrade my blue titan team.
I am currently using the following team with various success

  • Melendor c. +20
  • Francine +7
  • Wu-kong +20
  • Buddy +18
  • Almur +20

Would you add Lianna to the mix instead of buddy and transfer his emblems on her? Not sure if the attack increase will be enough compare to buddy def. down.
Other options in green are hansel +18, elkanen and kadilen.

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

It’s fine. You could swap costume brienne with buddy but that requires using time stops or reviving scrolls.

You can use lianna instead of buddy when you use harpoons though.

Maybe Lianna instead of Wu Kong? I know, you’ll say he adds the attack buff but he also adds the miss rate.

I was just wondering the same question, 30 minutes ago.

I’ll try this team with Hansel instead of Wu Kong. I’m curious how it’ll go.

Thanks for the advices :smile:,

I am still a huge fan of Wukong, even if he makes me want to throw my phone sometimes :grimacing:

Each time I removed him from my teams, my score went down. But I will try swapping wu for Lianna, it’s worth the try.

I don’t know if def. down + elemental down with “weak” heroes can be better than heroes with strong attack.

It works in red for me with wu wilbur, falcon but not with my greens :thinking:

Double defense debuff will always be better than having a stronger attack heroes instead. Its even better to have an off-color def down hero than a color hero if that latter hero has no def down.

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Yes, that seems to be better, don’t know why these blue titans don’t get as much damages as the other colours for me :thinking:

If I should remove one and replace him with Lianna, would you chose Buddy or Almur ?

Buddy. Almur does bigger defense down (elemental) while Buddy adds minions which slows you down.

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Take a look at this titan hit. 9*, used a few minor mana potions and had a decent board.

Wu Kong got replaced by Hansel.

Edit: biggest tile hit was 2400. Critical, on the weak spot. Other than that, when Wilbur and Almur are active (no attack boost), the tiles hit between 1200 and 1500.

Thanks, I will try replacing Buddy by Lianna and give her his emblems, we’ll see how it goes.

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