Is it better to stack 4 color against titan with a -34% def for 6 turns or 3 color and one color give -41% def and further -4% per hit?

I was wondering for titans. My team is usually Brienne with her costume and wu kong and 3 colors strong against the titan. Today I am fighting a red titan, so I am wondering if it is better to stack 4 blues with grimm giving -34% defense for 6 turns or is it a little better with brienne’s costume with -41% defense and a further -4% per hit (caps at -65%)? I feel this may be a little situational where it depends on the board and how many times I can actually hit the titan with blue tiles.

Also, on this note, is grimm’s defense down better or brienne’s costume defense down better, in general.


In general Brienne’s is better cause it can go down to -65%. But because Grimm is 4☆ and Brienne just 3☆ this is hard to compare since Brienne might be to weak for some occassions where Grimm holds.

Taking Brienne to the Titan will mean you need to load 3 colors which is more difficult than 2. Take mana pots to load Brienne before hitting with blue tiles. Might be Brienne doesn’t survive a titan hit…depends on your titan level.

My experience:
Fighting 10☆ most of the time.
On blue titans I could go mono green (I have Wu Kong finished but I only bring him for purple titans) with Buddy as def down (-34%) or I could go 4/1 with Athena (5☆ Version of costumed Brienne) and no Buddy.
Generally speaking my scores are better on average using Athena without Buddy.

You need to figure this out for yourself which fits better.

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Hey, thanks, this is a great answer.

Brienne can kind of hold, I have her costume at +18 and she can survive 9*/10* hits when I use fire bombs and turtle banners, if not, it’s two hits. I bring HP and mana pots. I use the mana pot when I feel like I have a good board and/or I am close to having her and wu kong at full energy, sometimes I might just fill them up if I see a diamond or a good board. So far this has been working for me, I don’t have the luxury of using my mana pot all the time from the get go so I have to pick my battles, in a way.

I have considered it easier to fill one or two colors instead of 3 but I am usually just trying to fill wu kong and brienne and I have mana pots for that so I am okay. Should I be worried about my other hero’s skills? Most of the damage comes from the tiles anyways, right?

I’ve tried running it many times, some times better with brienne, sometimes not, but I do feel like most of the time I do better with Brienne, but I just wanted to post here and see what you guys think. I know some of you got the math down and I figured someone already answered this. In any case, it’d be interesting to see what you guys think here :slight_smile:

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You should be worried about the skills which might help but not about the damage your heroes do. It is simply not important if your Lianna (or whatever sniper you got) does 1000 damage with a single shot if your single tile damge goes up to 2000 or 3000 or above using Wu.

Tiles on the weak point do more damage than on other spots.

Only load your heroes with mana if the board is good.

Use arrows instead of healing pots. The titan might miss. It is my most used titan item. (Despite antidotes may be)

Use harpoons instead of bomb attacks. If the titan is stunned you get def down at least a bit without using mana. You help your team getting titan parts.

If you can afford it one tornado works really well in the first few rounds where you see you can’t stun the titan. Getting 40% mana and a free hit by rearranging the board. You can use normal mana pot 60% to immedeately load a hero.

Time stops keep the titan from attacking 5 rounds. You don’t need to stun it.

Use attack banners (e.g. bear banner) when you reach the full defence down of -65% and go for strong tiles.

I do never ever use healing pots or turtle banners on titans. They are just a defensive waste in my eyes.

Just my 2 cents.


Nice, thanks for the tip.

I am working on getting harpoons atm and can’t afford the other stuff haha but will probably keep using healing pots to survive the round, might switch arrow and turtle banners around, depends how I’m feeling.

Yeah just try.
Bear banners are affordable I think. :wink:

I just finished Brienne’s costume, and would normally have tried it out already, but facing red titans I’ve been squeamish.

Can’t wait for a blue, though.

What star level are you facing?

Cast the special. Throw in some arbitrary tiles to the weak spot for further defense decrease. Save your strong tiles for “the big hit” when you reach maximum.

We’re facing 7* titans.

However, I have Isarnia, so it’s -44% versus Brienne’s -41% that increases, plus a big drop on strong tile damage. So I want to try her on a nuetral color instead of a weak one first.

Good idea, I will try that once I get harpoons. Thanks for advice. I’ll get a bit of everything this way :slight_smile:

I want to say Brienne costume is better, because it seems to me it is not too hard to get to -65% def cap. I run her with wu kong and 3 strong colors and I average 18k titan damage, sometimes 25k if I get a good board, with a great board I will get 30k+, this is against 9*/10*, so maybe better for you? Also, if you see a diamond of any color, you can use brienne costume then activate the diamond and next attack you will probably be at max cap. It’s only 6 tiles to get to the -65% defense cap so its not too bad.

I use brienne costume for red titans too, but I don’t know if it is better to just use 4 blue heroes against that with your isarnia -41% def, that is a good question!

I think we got free harpoons today from SG, amazingly on time for you.

Me like that…:muscle: :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Thanks, I got that. Gave me a taste of what it’s like to have harpoons.

I wanted to post that I’ve found Brienne to be very useful against certain titans, but definitely not Red, as her squishiness & weak tile damage really hurts, especially compared to Isarnia’s much stronger tile damage and sturdiness.

Have you put any emblems into her? It could be because she is 3* and she may not hold :confused: I hope they make a 4* with her ability because I find that 3* just doesn’t cut it later on with stronger titans, it’s annoying to constantly pot her during titan fights.

She has one emblem, but she’d be competing against an Isarnia which has emblems as my first blue 5*.

Isarnia is something like 350 points more raw attack. Then one has to consider she is strong versus red as opposed to Brienne who is weak. I swapped Brienne in for a few tries, but she normally fired only once, and that sometimes needed mana potions before she died.

I tested it out yesterday, I noticed with Brienne I do more damage, but she’s very squishy against high level titans so I had to pot her all the time, but it does a lot of damage. -65% is a lot, although the debuff last two rounds less than other heroes. I think the most I am willing to tolerate her is 10*, I think above that she will be one shotted.

I haven’t tried her that high, but rare 8* were bad for me. I’d probably drop that nuimber you tolerate down against Red titans, as it increases her squishiness.

Good luck with her, I’m enjoying using her against a number of titans. Just not Red.

If you think about it, given that she’s only 3* it says a lot about her quality that bringing her to mid-range titans is something you’d even consider.

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