Stronger Titan Strategies


Anyone got some good team compositions for stronger type Titans (7*+)

My current team of:

Scarlett, Tiburtus, Brienne, Chao,Boril seems to have hit a wall. Was getting better damage with my 3* titan team but it was against 5* and 6* titans. Brienne tends to get one shotted most times and bad boards missing the weak spot really hurt.


You could try mana-ing up brienne right at the start to get her buff up, though she’ll still Prob die not long after that. Another option could be to switch her with Kiril. Less of an attack buff but u gain a defense buff. I guess the third option is just replace her with another sniper and use banners for attack buff.

Take all of that with a grain of salt as im still relatively new to the game, but maybe it’ll help.

Edit: one other potential option, though I’m not sure if it would work bc i don’t have the card, is use wu Kong for the huge attack buff against titans and then use an antidote to wipe the accuracy debuff off your team. Someone please let me know if this works or not. I’m really interested to find out myself.


Oh, I wish that would work, sweetie. Unfortunately the buff and debuff are part of a single buff. It’s awful, I hate my monkey and at same time love when the stars align and the combos rain down.

Against 7* and such you just get to a point that the 3* will have to go, like I do use the monkey in my Titan attack team, but will only use his skill in special situations, or he’ll screw me over really badly by missing the weak spot and wasting time and heros by being hit. I even use a healer as well, but he’s there for lack of another option to be honest, and only because of his higher attack.

Anyway, normally you would prioritize attack, less def debuffs, attack boosts and strong single targets attacks. But it gets to a point that survival is as important, and you’ll have to cope with that, get heros with def boosts, or use items that do, such as banners and items attacks.

Between a always dead 3* hero and a 4* useless but with higher stats, you just have to accept life sux, cry a bit and go with the useless one, so at least the tile will be stronger.


I could feel your sadness through your text. Lol. Alas, my theory doesn’t work and I’ll join you in the sob fest.