Alliance choice: Top 5 in a low alliance or bottom 5 of a strong alliance?

I am F2P player. Currently at level 29. Had 2 5* and about 10 4 stars. Probably around 3200-3300 TP. I was in an alliance where we usually fight 4* Titan, and war usually against 2000-3500 enemies. So, I am usually around the top 5 players…
The alliance is going a bit slow and I would like to advance and get better loots in Titan and war… and so I am switching. Now I am in an alliance where we are fighting 8* Titan… in which I am likely to be bottom 5.
So, my question is… in terms of loot, which one will be better?

Enjoy :slight_smile:

This thread describes:

  1. What sort of loot you can expect at each Loot Tier
  2. How many rolls you get per Titan Loot Tier
  3. How to Calculate the Loot Tier

On an 8* titan a C grade gets you tier 8 loot. On a 4* an A+ gets you loot 7 loot. Also I think you need to be at a minimum of 5* titans in order for rare titans to spawn. Go big

This link is also pretty useful
Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You


:notes: I like big titans and I cannot lie…


Like you, I am f2p. I was in an alliance that was not very active. We were taking down 5 and 6 star titans and I was always in the top 5.
I switched to an alliance that was on 8 and 9 star titans. I was always in the lower half, but due to loot tiers, I was getting better rewards (see Guv’s post).
The new alliance was also more active and had more helpful members. I am so glad I left the old alliance. I’d put more priority on if you enjoy the people in the alliance and not just the rewards.

If you enjoy your alliance, then you might want to stay. But, if you feel the alliance is not growing with you, then I’d bounce for another one. There are enough alliances recruiting you can always find one that fits what you’re looking for.

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+1 the better loot will enhance your enjoyment of the game and there are lots of cool players out there, move on up


Like they say, “Go big, or go home.” That isn’t meant to be insulting. Being in the higher-ranked guild will help you get to that next level.


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