Weak alliance for more titan loot tier Bs or strong alliance for more tier Cs?

a. ​What proportional strength​ in relation to titan hitting​ (if any) of allianc​e ​is ideal​ for a player with limited titan team strength and/or limited time to play?
b. Is it best to encourage or discourage the use of mercs ​for the killing​ of​ strong titans​ even though this will lead to facing yet stronger titans​?
c. If, while battling weaker titans, stronger players who have already achieved tier b can choose to hang back to give other players a chance to get a tier d, c or b ranking, would the proportion of loot gained by the stronger players diminish?

​Basic background info as I understand it relating to the questions above:
*when an alliance is better at killing titans the titans get stronger and titan loot is calculated on a proportion of the initial health of the titan that a player hits.
*A stronger titan will produce better loot but a player fielding weaker teams may get a smaller proportion of the bounty.
*A fixed number of 5 players can achieve tier a.

Have a squeaky peak at this thread; should give a lot of background info on the respective loot drops & hence the value of big vs. small titans.

The TLDR is that higher LOOT TIER gives more rolls & better loot odds. Loot tiers are a basic calculation based on the damage you do & the star rating of the titan.

Kinda yes… It is better to allow all players to get to C-Grade loot at the minimum. Ideally everyone would get to B grade but in a 30 wo/man alliance, this just mathematically wouldn’t happen. In smaller alliances its much more possible to let everyone get to B-grade and still kill the titan :slight_smile:

The downside to “waiting” is that the titan may escape because the final kill damage may be offline/ too much for available flags.


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