Titan Hits

I’m unsure as to what I’m doing wrong. I was having difficulty with hitting Titans, then I began using banners and making where I use heroes with a single target instead of area hitters. I was pulling 20 plus per hit for over a week with a max hit of 35k. All of the sudden my titan hits have went back down and I’m lucky to get 10k let alone anything higher. What’s wrong and how do I fix it? Please help me family.

Well, I have WU and even with him I am not getting the hits like I use to. There is something wrong with the hits. The rare titans are brutal, and it takes alot to take them down, but I still get crappy scores…

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I had this happen recently, but my fault. The titan had a blind skill which by forgetting to read what his special skill was I was not using antidotes enough.

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Someone else mentioned wu. I do have him. Ascension 3

But I would think a dragon banner would be as good as wu

Wu adds 150% damage, banner is like 35%

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Wu is the best hero for titans.
Ascend him and use him. He also stacks with the dragon banner :wink:

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Wu adds 185% when fully maxed.


Here is what is important for getting high titan hits:

  1. Wu Kong - adds 185% attack power with a 32% chance of missing
  2. Defense Down - reduces defense of the titan, even more important that increasing attack. General defense downs: Ulmer, Valen, Grimm/Tiburtus/Gormek, Isarnia, and Athena. Subcategory of this is elemental defense down for specific titans: G. Falcon, G Jackal, G. Panther, & Arthur.
  3. Attack Buff: Brienne, Boldtusk, Kiril, Bear Banner, Dragon Banner, etc.
  4. Stack strong colors vs weak. Typically stack 2-4 of the strong color (example: Kiril, Grimm, Sonya, Isarnia, Wukong vs a Red Titan)
  5. Durable heroes vs heroes with high attack stack. Depending on if the titan one shots your heroes it is up to you to decide which type of heroes you prefer. Most of your titan damage comes from the tiles not the hero specials so a squishy high attack stat hero might be what you want because the tile damage still stays even if they’re dead. On the reverse side a dead hero doesn’t benefit from any attack buff that is used so maybe a more durable hero can make your titan hits last longer and the attack buff counters their low attack stat.
  6. Item usage. I personally prefer sustainable titan hits so I typically only use health potions, mana pots sometimes, antidotes, and arrows. If your heroes are really having a hard time staying alive try turtle/dragon banner or axes/bombs or combine both, this gets expensive however. Lastly of course there is the nuclear option of Time Stops/Tornadoes/Super Mana.

The special typically doesn’t matter since most of your damage comes from tiles but you definitely need a defense down and some sort of attack buff preferably.


Wu adds something around 100% attack bonus if you calculate the average damage. It‘s way better than dragon banner :smiley:

This is a great concise summary @Chaos-Reigns. If you do this, you’ll get it right.

Of course we all get difficult boards, but these strategies will maximize your probability for a good score.

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