Colour stacking for titans

I’m trying to find out what is the best setup for titan attacks. I use Wu plus 4 strong colours and don’t seem to get great damage. Should I just go with 2 strong colours and 2 strong attack stat heros

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Really depends on what you have available.

A good strategy is attack up (Wu, Boldy etc) Def down (Tibs, Wilbur etc) then three high attack strong colour.

Elemental Def down is great but rare.

You can supplement your boards by loading Wu with mana potions or using banners, time stops, tornadoes etc


I run 4 + Wu and love it

Depends on color and what you have.

Keep in mind Wu Kong’s Gambler stance stacks with other attack buffs like Brienne’s or Boldtusk’s. Combining them helps a lot.

Anyone that drops defense can be very helpful too. Against purple titans I bring Grimm + 4 yellow (one of them being Wu Kong) because there’s no yellow heroes to drop defense with.

Elemental defense down is the best. But very difficult to come by those heroes too. G. Panther (purple), G. Jackal (yellow), Arthur / Frida (blue), Evelyn (green) and G. Falcon (red) are all event or limited time heroes…

Healers are not mandatory but they can help greatly with surviving. It depends too though what rarity of titans you’re hitting, if they’re one-shotting your heroes then there may be no point in healing and may be better to go full out on attack.

Aside from that, I bring axes or bombs to hit the titan with, and turtle banners to help with taking hits.


I use Wu + 4 also, and I love it. Now, Wu giveth, and Wu taketh away, just keep that in mind!

Running without Wu, you’ll get more consistent damage, but depending on your roster, you’ll cap out around 25-30k or so. But with Wu, you’ll cap out much higher, but also bottom out much lower. (For instance, in the last 4 titans I’ve fought, my hits have ranged from 8k-66k. Most tend to come in the 30-40k range.)

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The best results that I have had on my main and on my alt follow pretty closely to what others have outlined. My opinion on the order or importance in which I decide to build my titan team is the following:

  1. Bring Wu/Tarlak/Ranvir
  • Their buffs will stack with normal buffs
  1. Elemental defense debuff the titan against strong color tiles.
  • If you have them, they are a must on a titan attack.
  1. Place a defense debuff on the titan
  • Strong color hero is preferred, or Wilbur works well, too. If I bring Wilbur as an off color, I bring Boldtusk for point 4.
  1. Attack buff your heroes
  • If you don’t have a strong color hero that does this and are not bringing the Wilbur/BT duo, just use bear banners.
  1. Bring as many strong color heroes with high tile damage for the slots remaining
  • Usually will be 4, but possibly 3.

My favorite team is red, since most of the utility heroes are 4* and more readily available to the player base.
Wilbur - Boldtusk - Guardian Falcon - Marjana - Wu Kong

I also prefer to only bring 1-2 colors. It makes charging specials easier to manage under the duress of the time restriction. For example, there’s no attack buffing/defense debuffing Holy hero, so for a purple titan I may go:

Wilbur - Jackal - Joon - Viv - Wu + bear banners

One last note: Timing is important. You want to keep the buffs/debuffs on simultaneously for as many turns as possible and for as many tiles played as possible. Sometimes you will charge your specials and the board has 1-2 strong tiles on it. This is a possible waste of your hard work and team chemistry. Clear out some of the missing hero tiles before firing specials to maximize your damage potential. Be careful, though. If the titan can kill your hero in one shot, you could waste it altogether by being too greedy :wink:


Wu Kong for Red, Purple, Yellow titans and the Dragon Rooster

Tarlak for Green and Blue titans

G. Jackal, Onatel, Joon and Wilbur VS Purple

G. Panther, Ursena, Khiona and Wilbur VS Yellow

Athena, King Arthur, Alaise and Aegir VS Red

Evelyn, Gregorion, Buddy and Alberich VS Blue

G. Falcon, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Queen of Hearts VS Green

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