Titan hits mono or att buffed?

Today I left out Wu against a red titan and went mono blue. My average was higher than usually with Wu.

I’m going to try mono against our next few titans. Possibly ther will be a better mono performance than the 4+Wu stack.


Interesting @Olmor, please update with your future mono -Wu Titan hits.


Mono will probably give you a better over-all titan score, but using Wu has a better chance of improving your top score. If Wu has his googles on, the score will be sky high. If he left them at home… well… though luck…


Part of this depends on them usage. If you use items to set Wu off immediately, you get different results than if you wait for tiles to power him up.

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I always power him up immediately except there is a yellow diamond right in the beginning.

I usually start with Wu, a dragon banner, arrows and a tornado to charge the stack, too.

Dang. I rarely use items. Maybe that’s why my hits are lower on average. :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

I’ll stun. When I can’t stun, I do arrows and turtle banner. I hold antidotes until I need them. I also save minor mana potions if I need a little bump.

If you don’t power Wu up, he will probably die without casting, being the target of choice for most titans…

Sometimes. Turtle banner and arrows help. I typically average 20k per hit. Can get a bad one. Can get a good one.

My damage output varies a lot with the color of the titan… I’m doing great on greens, not so good on reds, well enough on yellows and blues, not as good on purple ones… any hit under 20k I consider a waste of a flag, must be above 30k to find it satisfactory and above 40k to be happy with it. Unfortunately depending on the titan’s color, most times I have to settle down for the 20 - 30k range…oh! And I do use battle items! Small and medium mana pots, tornados sometimes, bear banners and antidotes when needed. Usually I go 4 + Wu, sometimes mono, mostly 4*.

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