Wu vs yellow titan

Do folks use Wu Kong against yellow titans? Do you get more damage output running two purple and no Wu? We’re facing 6* in my alliance and I always double stack the strong color but don’t do so when facing yellow because of Wu. My scores are always lower because of this. Obviously if I had 5* purple I might use those but only 4* here. Thanks for any insight

I still use Wukong even on 10* Titans, though I’ve not yet face a yellow one!

As far ar as 4* purples, both Tibertus and Sabina work well against yellow titans.

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He’s just fine on yellow titans.

Why you ask? it’s not his own damage you’re looking to enhance, but the 2-3 strong color heroes. So it’s irrelevant from that standpoint that his tiles only do half damage. Yes, you have to run a single yellow that does half, but most of your damage is coming from strong tiles with all your buffs up at the same time.

BUT it gets better! Wu is fragile, often getting 2 shot. BUT against a yellow, he only takes half damage due to the yellow on yellow.


Really? I didn’t know he takes half damage against yellow! I wasn’t using him on yellow Titans either. Right now my alliance is fighting a yellow 7* Titan. I used BT, WU, Tib, Oba (only other purple and only 2-60), Caedmon and had my highest damage yet.

Thanks so much for the advice! @Dante2377

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Also, what’s your opinion on levelling Oba or Merlin for a yellow Titan?

Thanks for the insight everyone! I need to level some more purple heroes (currently have tibs only) and then I’ll run them out with Wu. Had no idea yellow damage from Titan was half on same color. Excellent insight Dante!

I am running Wu against a 10* yellow now with Merlin 4/56 , Sartana 5/68, boldtusk 4/70 and Mel at 4/70. I only used one time stop and 2 tornadoes, I was able to hit 38K, which is my best against a 10*. I am sure bigger dogs hit much harder, but I was very happy with my results. Once I get Aeron feed, I will remove Mel and add him.

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Are you asking me is either in general good? or to choose between them? I mean they both are good vs titans - merlin has the 2nd highest attack stat for a 4 star after sabina (who is also fantastic vs titans - big attack stat plus heal) AND his special stops titan specials from going off, saving valuable seconds and damage. Oba is the 2nd highest attack stat 5 star purple after ever elusive Panther and is a fast mana attacker.

If you have to choose between them it depends on your other hero mix and ascension item status.


Pls help me with tile scoring here.

I thought half strength hits were weak color vs strong. This thread says same color is halved.

Which is correct?

For yellow and purple, both are correct. Red, blue, and green have a triangle relationship, where the strong color is weak going the other way. IE red is strong vs green and green is weak vs red.

Yellow and purple are strong against each other and weak against the same (i.e. yellow is weak vs yellow).

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Direction of the arrow = Strong
Opposite direction of the arrow = Weak
All other combinations = Normal

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