Titan HELP time to Kill

Does killing a Titan many hours before he runs away increase the chance of receiving better loot?

If you kill the Titan with 1 hour left or less, will the next Titan be weaker than killing him long before his time?

Basically I want to know if the next Titan’s rewards and strength changes according to how long the alliance takes to kill the Titan.

Short answer. No. I don’t believe loot is tied to how fast it is defeated. Loot distribution is completely random. Here’s a thread that might be of interest.

The faster you kill a titan however, the higher probability the next titan will be a higher level. GL


As the linked thread is pretty old and there might have been changes in the meanwhile, i am wondering whether this rule is still valid? :thinking: Or maybe does it apply to small titans only - to help newly founded alliances getting bigger titans soon? I remember i read something like this mentioned long time ago…

Yes, this is still the norm, regardless if the alliance is newly founded. Although, 14* titans is the highest level at the moment.

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Thanks for your reply. :+1: Don’t get me wrong, i don’t want to question your knowledge, @Sarah2 . :love_you_gesture:
I’ve been in some alliances fighting 8-11* titans that paid attention to kill the titans in the last hour or so, for not getting too big titans too soon. However, i did not got the feeling that this changed anything in the titan strength compared to kill’em fast… Do you know, whether there is any data mining project, evidences or maybe even an announcement or staff response on this issue. I am really interested in learning more on that matter. :nerd_face:

Maybe @Guvnor has some data on that? Did you pay attention to this in the ‘titan loot project’ as well?

I have some doubts about the Titans’ score.

How does Titan alliance score work?

Is there any way to not increase too much?

Do you get more points if you kill the Titan too soon?

Titan score has been around a while. I used the search feature and found this.

Which means how fast or slow we kill then do not matter.

Not when it comes to alliance titan score. However, keep in mind that once every day the titan score decreases by 5%. As far as i know, the time when that happens corresponds to the timepoint when the alliance was founded. :crazy_face:

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I am going to check it in 37 minutes from now.

You know the exact time, when your alliance was founded??? :astonished:

I believe it was 13 October 2018 at 05:34 UTC.

I am not the founder but I know that he founded it 7 days before I joined and I count the hour based on titan cycle (23 hours 7 seconds… I forget whether it is 6/7/8 second…)

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Ohhh my hero :rofl::joy::rofl::rofl:

I dont remember my :frowning_face:

Strange that it has not decreased :sweat_smile:

I will do some research about it :nerd_face:

And please share with us if you find anything interesting about it.

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Maybe you were a bit ‘off’ with the founding time? :slight_smile: Or maybe daylight savings? However, i might be wrong on that as well… :grimacing: But, i am sure that it happens at different times for different alliances and it is always the same time for the same alliance.

Let me additionally link this quite ‘ancient’ post where my memory might have reminded me of… :thinking: (its from the same thread, @littleKAF linked before)

No daylight saving in my country.

Better ‘no daylight saving’ instead of ‘no daylight’. :rofl: (sorry for off-topic post, i could not resist :grimacing:)

However, might be easy to check: create a new alliance and check, when the titan score decreases. Maybe i do that, when i find some time for it. But i guess, someone else has tested already?

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I will also check for processing delay

We all know that titan have 23 hours cycle but there is also processing delay around 6-8 seconds.

After a year, that delay is worth 43-44 minutes.

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