Best ways to prevent Titan level increases

In my last alliance, my fearless leader had us waiting for the last hour or two to finish off the Titan in a bid to prevent the next one from going up a level because we couldn’t beat the higher level titans. I went looking through this forum for confirmation as more experienced members in my current alliance seem to not have the same outlook and have questions about that strategy’s legitimacy. Can anyone confirm this last 2 hour Titan defeat strategy as legit? Does anyone have other ideas for keeping the next Titan from being a bigger one?

I don’t think it does but have nothing to back it up except observation in this year of playing.

Our Titan level seems to go up as we are able to finish them, not really affected by the time left.

Only way to not increase is let them escape as far as I know

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I know there have been suggestions that the leaders be given control over whether the next type level will be able to increase or not. But that seems to be a solution in the works and not a solution for now. Thanks for your response.

There has been a lot of speculation over the times but nobody has actually ever done a study and nailed anything down.

Essentially tho:

  • Titan strength is based on the alliance titan score
  • Higher score gives a higher CHANCE of a higher star titan

This is why defeating a titan doesn’t always guarantee that the next one will be a higher star & vice versa for an escaped titan.

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I know anecdotal information and all…

We are at the 10/11* boundary. Do most 10* easily. Usually manage 2 x 11 and totally fail on 12*.(usually a halftime call) A couple of times we have failed on a 12, then got a big 11 next time that we also lost on… think it was a blue…ugh! It really puts your kill rate at risk . We always used to kill as soon as we can

Anyway, we were struggling with the POV Titan challenge at the beginning to make the 2/3 needed, after 2 escapes in a row so decided to keep the kill to the end. We then got 5 wins in a row because of the small increases/ decreases

I would love someone to collect data on this to see whether it really works. As an alliance leader it is much easier to message to just kill ASAP!

in my alt’s account I am fighting mostly 3*, occasional 4*. there have been occasion when the next titan’s HP didnt increase (a few time actually), and once it decreased a bit. unless they measure the titan strength by something other than their HP, it doesnt always increase.
I think it is mostly random, but may depend on the alliance titan score. I wonder if you stop hitting the titan and let you score drop significantly, will your next titan be stronger than the last one, or will it be a weak one…

Has anyone done a data-driven analysis that would help an alliance time when to kill titans? We don’t want harder ones. So can we achieve this better by waiting to the last hour? Last 4 hours? Simply last 12 hours? Or does the time of titan death not even matter?
If anyone has studied this we would love to read the results!

Hiya @Slipwisp; nothing data driven that I am aware of.

My previous response in this thread:

Some previous threads on the topic:

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Thanks! Read all the threads. Guess no one knows for sure… but if the alliance tries to use all their flags and just eeks out the kill in the last couple hours then that seems to be the closest strategy to keep the titan weak. But what a pain in the rear. Easier to just let em go occasionally! Thanks!

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