Titan Fight Strategies and Insights

Hello everyone,

every players applies a different tactic for battling titans based on their available hero pool and items.
I would like to share my experience in hope that it will provide some insights for increasing titan damage output.


I’ve playing this game for over a year with my family and friends, mainly F2P.
I have a decent pool of fully leveled (mostly trainable and some exotic) 4* and 5* heroes to choose from, so I take the following approach:

Hero setup

I always try to create a team with the following characteristics:

  • 3 heroes of the strong color
  • Wu Kong (always, yellow titans included)
  • damage buffer (ex. Boldtusk, Kiril, etc.)
  • defense debuffer (ex. Grim, Wilbur, G.Falcon, etc.)
  • healer (ex. Boldtusk, Sabina, Vivica, etc.)

Tiles vs. Specials

Tile damage is more important than special skill unless it’s a handy utility for survivability:

  • mana control (Natalya, Merlin, Hansel, etc.)
  • blind (ex. Joon, Drake, etc.)
  • damage debuff / defence buff (ex. Zeline, Magni, etc.)

Ideally all heroes should have 700+ attack i.e. tile damage.


Wu Kong and the healers with high tile damage are very squishy and need to be kept alive with items:

  • mana potions for the healers
  • healing potions if a single titan hit takes more than 1/2 of the hero HP
  • turtle banners when the titan is not stunned


Hero positioning plays important role to increase survivability and lessen the need for excessive item usage.
Wu Kong is not effective if your heroes are dead since their tiles will not score critical hits. Position:

  • squishy heroes next to a defense buffer (ex. Magni, Khagan, etc.)
  • useful special skill heroes next to a mana buffer (ex. Sir Lacelot, Khagan, etc.)
  • high tile damage heroes next to a damage buffer (ex. Sir Lancelot, Gadeirus etc.)

I found this breakdown post quite useful for figuring out positioning and combinations. Kudos to the autor!


Depending on the initial board setup I apply the following strategy:

  • good board - fill up Wu Kong immediately with mana potions and fire away
  • normal board - keep the titan stunned until mana is full or board is more favorable
  • bad board - survive, timestop and tornado work well if available, arrows, banners and potions otherwise

Curing effects

I also try to be smart when I debuff the titan’s special skill effect:

  • burn damage - antidotes
  • blind - antidotes or Rigard
  • damage debuff - Boldtusk/Kiril or bear banner
  • defense debuff - Kiril or turtle banner

Worth mentioning here that you can cure your own effects:

  • Grim (-34%) will override Isarnia (-44%) defense debuff
  • Kiril (+34%) will override Boldtusk (+44%) damage buff


All special skills need to be timed as well. It makes no sense to fire off:

  • Boldtusk if the green titan will fire his special skill afterwards
  • Hansel if the titan’s mana is low and you expect to hit his weak point in the next few turns
  • Wu Kong if you do not have any strong tiles on the board


5* or exotic heroes usually have a long flashy special skill animation that makes it hard to see the board.
However, you can still flip tiles while the animation is ongoing, so it is important to decide your next move before firing the special followed by a blind move.


In the end, board generation is random, so regardless of your strategy you will have bad and good runs :slight_smile:


With my current setup, I categorize my titan run into the following categories:

  • good - more than 40K damage
  • normal - between 20K-40K damage
  • bad - less than 20K damage

Experiment and Learn

Certain hero combinations are stronger then others and sometimes even 3* heroes can make sugnifficant difference (ex. Brienne, Melia) if they can survive a titan hit.
Since very few players have all the heroes to test our all possible combinations, it is important that you:

  • experiment with your own hero pool and draw conclusions
  • read this forum to understand what other players are doing
  • watch top players on their YouTube channels
  • converse with your alliance buddies

That’s it! I hope you will find this post useful and don’t be shy to share your strategy for battling titans in the comments below :heart:

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These observations are based on my hero pool fighting 8-10* titans, players with a lot of special heroes apply different strategies and rare titans require much different approach.


Thanks for refering to my topic. Coincidently I have updated the list a few minutes ago!

Maybe you can add another paragraph about ‘‘Order of using special skills’’ in between ‘‘Board’’ and ‘‘Curing effects’’ in case your board is perfect or all of your heroes mana bars are full. If I may suggest an example:

  1. Use a healer to cure effects - dispell negative status ailments of your heroes or debuff buffs of the titan. See “Curing effects”.
  2. Use a damage buffer - special skills (Kiril/Boldtusk etc.) or Dragon/Bear banners
  3. Use a normal defense debuffer
  4. Use an elemental defense debuffer
  5. Use damage dealing special skills (possibly critical chance increasing also)
  6. Use Wu Kong
  7. Pew pew pew, repeat steps when necessary

Now the order changes a little bit when you have Ares or Tarlak for example. Use whatever you want from this suggestion if you want to. :+1:


I agree with most of this post. But firing Wu first off is a mistake. The misses start right away. Load your team up Place Wu right wing and he fires last. After you fire specials. Then you miss on tiles which will happen anyway. You fire Wu right off at least 2 specials will miss. Get your specials done then focus Wu on tiles. That is your most damage not specials.