Tips for playing quests far above your difficulty/power level

So Farholme just came around and I really dont want to let that damascus blade get away since who knows the next time I’ll get this opportunity. Problem is Im several hundred points under the recommended team power. Any tips for must-bring battle items or methods of battling. Should I double up on any particular element/color in your opinion? All help is appreciated

Miracle scroll, bombs (or dragon attack), dragon banners, health flasks, antidotes. Get that blade at all costs! They’re rare! More rare than 4* items in my experience!


What choices do you have for heroes? Take a screen shot and we can give some help with constructing a team. Besides that I would go healer heavy, like 3 healers and try to heal while doing damage with tiles, might take longer but worth it. At every wave leave 1 minion/monster alive and start to ghost tiles to activate healers and heal your team to full health and also head into the next wave with full specials up. There’s no time limit on the quests so take as much time as you want. Items I would say depends on how good your forge is. Antidotes are useful since there are a lot of blinds if I remember right, axes and bombs and dragon attacks to just nuke if you’re able to craft those items.

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I am not sure if Decorum can make it since he is few hundred below the recommended (3120), I doubt he can forge any of big items yet except antidotes/health/mana unless he has collected from previous rewards or gifts.

I can only recommend one hero: Wu Kong (if you have it)
You can at least gamble your chance to hit big against higher powered opponents.

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Stack colors if you can. If I remember correctly, it’s a lot of red and yellow mobs, so stacking purple and blue will boost your tile damage


Here is the Level Breakdown

Level Mob Boss Suggested Heroes
1 9-15 Yellow and Red B + 2 Yellow 2P + 2B + G
2 9-15 Yellow and Red B Blue + 2 Red 2P + 2B + G
3 12-20 Yellow and Green B + 2 Yellow 2P + 2R + G
4 12-20 Green and Red B Blue + 2 Green 2R + 2B + G
5 12-20 Yellow and Green 2B Yellow 3P + 2R

I agree with @NPNKY and would color stack.
Try to bring 2 healers, the longer you survive the more tiles you can hit with

If you post your roster, I’m sure someone can suggest specific heroes

Purple - Sabina, Rigard, Tiburtis
Red - Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek
Blue - Kiril, Grimm, Sonya
Green - Melendor, Caedmon, Hansel
Yellow - I would not bring a yellow unless it was Wu Kong


Lots of mana potions! And bombs etc

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This actually helps tremendously! Thankyou


I do have quite a selection of the bigger battle items from loot thankfully :slight_smile: its the one thing im consistently lucky with getting

your welcome

just an FYI - the first 2 levels have 3 Mob waves before the Boss
and the last 3 levels have 4 Mob waves.

I usually try to have the mana full for all my heroes before entering the Boss screen.

I don’t think you will need antidotes (not sure about the last level),
so I would re place them with axes, bombs or dragon attacks

The Bosses on level 5 have a blind special, so you’ll need antidote/Rigard or power through it.

Good luck


Did you make it, Decorum? If not I’ll type out the breakdown that we use to help our lower alliances.

Team ~2550 power…do I have a prayer to get the blade? The 4th level was cake. Got smoked on the 5th bringing a rainbow team.

If you can color stack red and purple and bring battle items, you should be golden

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I died the first time lol. I was getting a feel of what it was like without my good battle items I have saved up and kinda expected it. (Yeah waste of 20 world energy I know). Right now Im waiting a few hours so this round it will count towards my monsters chests which will end its cool down in a few hours.

I got it, make sure you use 4 and 5 string attacks…you will get the attack for the 4, and the diamond for 5 string of that color. It crushes the opponent, of course dragon attack and super healing with manta is needed. Tough level for sure!! Good luck!!

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Did you manage to get it?
I did not manage suggest color stacking as I haven’t played it yet at that time (I don’t remember the colors for all the events most of the time until I play it).
Yes color stacking is best but also depends on your roster.

If you only have 5 strong rainbow heroes, no point color stacking if the other heroes are still unleveled.
Better to rely on the 5 strong instead.

Bombs/time stop/revival/tornados are recommended but expensive. We also do not know who your heroes are so the skills are also unknown.

If worse comes to worst, just spend 75 gems to continue (ONLY if you run out of revivals).


I really am too underpowered to make it. Not really close yet. Back to the grind. Give me a few months and I’ll be there!

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Made it!

Only cause I legally “cheated” though (spent diamonds to continue twice) worth it though. I was too close to give up

Special thanks to everyone who gave advice! It all came in handy!


Get that blade at all costs! They’re rare! More rare than 4* items in my experience!

By some incredible feat I got it with one hero left alive! At all costs is so right. Lol,

I had to use the miracle scroll and other big battle items I got as loot and wasted diamonds on two continues though lol. Worth it, ascension items like that are so rare.

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Great man

Good you opened this thread… thanx

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