Can My Team Finish Farholme Pass?

I’ve only been playing for a few weeks, and it’s difficult for me to tell whether it’s worth it to try to get through the last couple levels of Farholme Pass. My team power is about 450 points below the top tier level’s power, and I don’t want to waste energy if it’s going to be impossible.

Can my team do it?

I’d also appreciate any suggestions for items to take with me (I’ve got some regular health pots crafting at the moment).

With good battle items it’s doable. And if your Wu Kong won’t miss much.

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With some bombattacks and axes, with all heros charged when you enters the boss level and luck with Wu, perfect possible.


Only a few weeks?? Jesus, you already have a solid 4* rainbow team with 5 of the best 4* heroes in the game!! I’ve been playing for 3 months and still don’t have a yellow hero better than 3*!

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No skill or honor about getting those heroes— spent enough money (mostly on starter bundles with gems) to get them the first week, and been diligently focusing on them since I started.


You definitely want to take mana potions. With only two strikers, it may be a grind to take down the boss. That Boldtusk/Grimm combo will make it easier though.

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im a new player, i currently have a full 3* maxed roster and Chao at 3/60 ( cant ascend, no materials )
I just completed stage 4 of frostmarch but i wonder if i will have a chance to complete stage 5 ? or better save my world energy ? team is approx 2400 power

I remember several days ago had a similar quest and at the final stage on the first wave the monsters were hitting me so hard (over 300 damages, 2 hits a row on a hero and they are dead) , i immediatly knew i had no chance and just gave up insted of wasting battle items for nothing in the end.
The only difference is now i have a 3/60 chao instead of Bane maxed, but the other heros are the same…

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I wouldn’t say it is undoable (as there are players who claimed they’ve done it before), but it will be quite a challenge if you use 3^50 3* x 4 and only 3^60 x 4*. I am not the best player by any stretch, but I couldn’t finish the last stage on these Rare Quests on 3^60 x 3 4* and 3^50 x 2 for a few months.

The general rule is to survive the first mob from fresh, you may need to mana up a few of them using mana vials (small one, that you can bring 10 in), survive the first while building up your specials, you might need to bring 2 healers with you, but that will generally means cutting down on the specials damage output if that’s what you rely on. In the mob wave before the boss is where you leave one enemy alive and start building up your specials by ghosting tiles (e.g. sending tiles into empty space, which charges at a faster rate than if they actually hit something). All this while keeping your party’s HP up with your healers or heal item if you could. Final boss stage is where you would unload your Axes/Bombs/Arrows, whatever damaging items you have and your specials. The final bosses are typically mana driven and have nasty side effects to their specials, for Frostmarch, it is defense debuff, so make sure you have either a Cleansing hero on your side or antidotes to immediately offset the effects.

There comes a time when you would make the decision whether you wish to continue with 75 Gems paid up, if it doesn’t look like you have a shot, I would say no. That’s what happened when I couldn’t finish those levels and just declined to continue. If you do not have any 5* heroes needing ascension materials at this point (it will be a while before a typical player would even need to consider non-farmable ascension materials for 5* heroes), I’d even forego this level until you are strong enough rather than exhausting through your battle items and gem stock without much to show for. If you can pass the 4th level, at least you got your ascension materials for your 4* heroes that you would have higher chance of acquiring and build up so you can improve your roster to get pass these stages in the future.


If you have gunnar ir kelile, with a healer and 3 hitters, axes, mana pots and antidotes it can be done. I started doing the last stage with wu kong 3* 60 gunnar bane hawkmoon and tyrum maxed, but it requires time and luck. As soon as you have a share damage heroe and some nice 4 star at 3 60 is easy to do it


yes my main team is gunnar, melith, balthazar, nashgar and Chao
might give it a try tonight

I also have Vivica but she is only at 1/8, is it a good idea to replace nashgar by vivica ? less attaq power but more chance to survive…
i can lvl up her a little bit to have more defense/health than nashgar

i tried stage 5 and all i can say its no doable with a full 3* team. The ennemies on first wave can kill my heros just with 2 hits, only my chao at 3/60 can handle 3 hits still standing.
Even with lots of mana pots and lot of luck i dont think it would be possible to finish stage 5

definitly need a full 4* roster at 3/60 to complete these rare quests and get the rare materials :frowning:

I have just done it with 5 maxed 3 star heroes: Gunnar (spirit link work wonder with Brienne’s skill, replacable with Kailani), Brienne, Belith, Berden, Isshtak (4 green). I bring 2 kind of healing potions and 2 kind of mana potions. I lost in the first attempt but I got lucky in the second attempt as there was more green tiles. It require a bit of luck. I think it would be better if I have another Belith so I can change one of the red potion with antidote as the boss’s skill gave devastating aliments.

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