Good strategy for hard levels/quests?


Anyone wants to share a tip?


Spirit Link healer usually gets me through pretty much anything.


Good, I’m leveling Gunnar right now. How about banners, bombs etc? What do you use in tough battles, like rare quests?


I use bombs and axes. Bombs are my favorite and seem to be most effective.

Take 2 types on healing potions: the smallest one (you get 20) and one of the larger ones. The smallest one is actually more beneficial because you can spread the health further.

For team, I go with 2 healers and 3 attackers. I stick healers on the outside and my center is either a fast attacker or a meat shield. It simply depends on if I need more stall time on the last round or more aggro.

Troops levels are literally the understated boosts of the game. Level those and you will be golden despite your team limitations or material crafting. You really want to try to have your troops as 3* either level 4 or 5 as a minimum for the higher boards.

Don’t be afraid to use gems to respawn on the last round on the rare missions. The spawns increase by 25 gems each time but are cheaper in the long run than trying to get ascension materials otherwise. You also do not replenish your materials when you respawn so decide carefully. Respawn only regenerates your health.

I have tried revive scrolls and most are garbage. Problem is if you use one, it typically doesn’t give you enough to survive the next attack. Almost a waste of a material slot.


try to get the mana maxed on all your heros before you get to the boss. Then unleash them on the boss …sometimes you can take them out without doing anything else.



Having great team synergy with your skills (I have a defense de-buff + AOE) can make that last round a cake walk :slight_smile:


What works best for me is to use my strongest team with at least one healer. Focus on killing all of the enemies from one side to the other. Once you have one enemy left on the edge, use ghost attacks (crystal combos that do not hit the enemy). These attacks will increase the mana for your heroes at a faster rate. Charge up your healer at least once, and then the rest of your team. Once your heroes are all healed and charged up, kill the last enemy, move on to the next wave and repeat. Bring plenty of health potions to keep heroes from dying in a pinch. If your healer dies, you’re in trouble. Sorry for the long response, hope this helps. :grin:


What if you do not have a healer? What do you suggest? (I personally haven’t run into a 3* healer in 2.5 months…)


You need to do elemental and epic summons, that machine is full of 3* cards.

Either that or do elite training. The training is only full of 3* heroes too.


I’ve been doing TC13 since you left Jaz. I keep getting repeats. Luck of the draw I guess :sweat:


Wow, that is rough! Really tough quests without a healer are going to be near impossible. If I were you, I would put advancing your quest on the back burner and focus on farming. Keep those training camps and summons going until you can get something you are happy with. If you insist on taking on the difficult quests, your best bet is to craft a ton of healing potions (multiple types) and take them all with you. Best of luck, and happy questing. :grin:


That sucks Rook. Currently 0/83 on TC13. Not sure why I am so stubborn to keep trying, but I got both camps going again with it…LOL

I got 8 Friar Tucks which is totally useless. Seems healers are more scarce. Just keep trying eventually it will come. I think by the time I get to level 20 in 3 or 4 months I might actually get a 4* from TC13… 1/105…LOL


Are you serious? I had heard that the elite training odds were bad, but that is insane!


@Rook that’s awful… to progress through province 23 I was getting torn apart with a team full of 5* level 70s, but I brought in two level 60 healers (boldtusk and gandalf) and managed to get through with minimal item usage. But a pure damage team just gets destroyed in pve content.

Really, the only thing you can do afaik is go crazy with potions axes and arrows and banners to minimize damage or heal. On each wave, try to leave that last creature up and max all your heroes. But no healers at 3* or above? that’s rough. :confused:


Yep the odds are insane like everything else in this game. My first time I went 1/34, second attempt was hoping to be better but doesn’t appear to be the case.


Yikes! And there is nothing worse than working tirelessly for weeks to save up enough gems for an elemental summon, only to draw a 3 star duplicate. But…when you finally do pull a great 4 or 5 star, it is so exciting it seems to make it worth it. I’m pathetic. Lol.


I have never been lucky enough to have that happen yet. I am sure when the time comes I will be super excited.


I love your tenacity! :grin: