Farholme Pass help

I’ve tried it twice already with my strongest guys and tried to color stack (somewhat) but that boss stage is quite hard. Do I have any chance with my guys?

What battle items do you have? Axes, bombs, arrows, dragon attacks?

Melendor, Kiril, Balthasar, Proteus, Chao, 5 bombs, 5 axes, 10 mana potions and 20 health drinks.

Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


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Another player in a similar situation

Good luck! I don’t think I have anything to add, though I will say that, with a pre-troop team power under 2500, I think this is a pretty big ask. Especially because some of the heroes aren’t very well suited to this level (looking at you, Chao). It can probably still be done, though you may have to go long on the items.


There are 2 killer aspects of these Rare Quests.

  1. Survive the 4 mob waves before the boss tier, and hopefully have enough items and health to 2. Face the Bosses.

The killer for the Dragonian Mages x 2 (for the 5th stage of Farholme or Shiloh Desert for that matter), are going to be their Blinding Curse AOE attacks. They are dangerous because there are two of them, and individual attacks hit hard enough, they also charge fairly quickly and at about the same rate, if you manage to let both of them fire off in succession, and don’t have the health potions or even the antidotes to deal with it, it may as well be over because there is no worse and demoralizing feeling when you gathered enough mana to fire your special to help save your skin, and they miss.

In your case you definitely need o bring your strongest heroes, Melendor, Kiril for the heal/buff and conserving of your items, Proteus for Mana Control, Chao because he is essentially your strongest hero and can mana cut (despite being the weak color against), if you want to bring Balthazar, you may have to baby him some because he is quite squishy.


2 dragon attacks, and about 10 of the others. 6 revive scrolls also

Thanks for the help! I’ll try the team that was recommended and see how it goes!

5 axes, 5 bombs and the bosses are more than half down. If you reach the bosses with Kiril, Proteus and Balthatar nearly charged, you’ll have the chance to get at least one down before he fires. If necessary charge at least these 3 immediately and choose the boss with more dark tiles beneath. Then fire Kiril followed by Pro and Balth. Then make as many dark matches as you can during the mana stop. After that fire two bombs and two axes. With luck you can avoid any special hit by charging Pro again and again. When at least one healer is ready you’ll be prepared for one boss hit. If one is gone, try to avoid hitting the other with tiles except a big dark match. Keep in mind that they will be charged after every 8 hitting tiles, but needs 15 if missed.

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I got em!! Thank you so much!! That was my first time using bombs because I can’t make them yet and they were clutch. I lost Proteus right before the boss and thought I was done for but pull it off somehow thanks to y’all!! :raised_hands:


Congrats! Just keep working on maxing out those 4* heroes and it should get easier to beat the final stage of rare quests in the future.

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Awesome news. You actually get to face this boss setup more often than the others (Both versions of Farholme Pass, as well as Shiloh Desert), so you will get plenty of practices to hone your strategies.

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