Help Me Finish Farholme (Success! See post 8!)

I’m just a few months into my E&P journey and have a fairly limited hero pool… that said, on every previous rare quest that I’ve engaged in I’ve managed to complete all but the very last stage. This version of Farholme Pass includes the Damascus Blade. I want it.

  1. What team would you recommend I use?
  2. What items should I bring along?
  3. Any special strategy suggestions?

Since it’s Nature & Holy, with a Holy boss, I’m thinking to bring my best Fire and Dark heroes. At the top is my proposed team for the final stage. Would you change it? I’m thinking Kailani might be a necessary evil.

For items, I only have up through Axe Attack available, really. I might have gotten other stuff as drops, but I usually just use Arrow Attack, Axe Attack, Turtle Banner, and mana potions…

Of the more advanced items I have: 1 Time Stop, 1 Tornado, 1 Dragon Attack, 3 Bomb Attack, 5 Dragon Banner, 4 Miracle Scroll, and 6 Revive Scroll.

Btusk sab kail valen balth

Sabina Colen Kash Balthazar Caedmon

The 3 Bombs, 5 Axes, 10 small mana potions and 20 healings.

Try to reach the bosses with all heros fully charged, on full health and nearly with all items. Then fire 1 bomb and 1 axe, concentrate all hits on one of the two and when one is down, try to ghost tiles in the empty space. The more often you hit em, the faster they charge. So try to hit them mostly with dark tiles. If the buff of the axe is nearly gone, shoot the next one. When you’re allmost dead, throw the rest of your bombs and axes to them. Try to keep at least Kash and Colen alive and fill them wisley with mana and health potions.

Good luck.

I just did it and needed many items with a rainbow team @ 3200 tp.


In previous rare quests are you attempting the last stage and dying or are you skipping it? If you are dying, when? Are you having trouble getting through the mobs, or does it feel more like you just don’t have the hitting power to put the bosses down?

I may change my response after hearing your answers, but my first thought was Sabina, Boldtusk, Balthazar, Caedmon, and Evelyn.

Since my primary concern is the bosses I do like your idea of a triple stack purple and I think that’s probably viable. I guess my suggested lineup favored putting your overall most durable heroes onto the field. It won’t pack as much punch on purple tiles, but Evelyn’s elemental debuff and the same fast mana speed as Caedmon should mean you can often fire her, then Caedmon. In my suggested lineup I’m relying on that being pretty effective for you.

I also was tempted by Spirit Link, but I don’t like Kailani’s color being weak against so many of the mobs (and more importantly, to me, the bosses). If you have space I’d try to replace her by bringing Turtle Banners.

Which brings me to items. For me, Antidotes are a must to offset the bosses special skill. Even with two healers I think you’d be wise to pack healing potions. The last two spots are tricky, as I see a legit argument for a weapon, mana, and turtle banners. I think I’d make this decision based partly on your play style and risk tolerance. Are you going to kick yourself if you use bombs and lose? Or if you forego them and lose but maybe could have won if you brought them? Or are you a gambler such that you can skip antidotes in favor of weaponry but live with a special missing at a critical time?

Ultimately, the team I suggested has a power of 2625 (before troops), which I don’t think is that bad for a stage with a recommended team power of 3060. You can probably do it if you follow the usual advice of charging up your specials before each new wave, unloading items (if you’re going that route) focusing on a single enemy, then ghosting. Good luck!


I tried it once back in mid-January, when only really bringing my best 3* heroes. I got destroyed by wave #1 and fled with just 2 heroes left alive.

Yeah… definitely gonna pack some Turtle Banners. I like the idea of Evelyn + Caedmon, though. My most powerful raid team includes Evelyn + Berden + Caedmon. It lets me reach surprisingly high.

I really like the team comp suggested (Sabina / Boldtusk / Balthazar / Caedmon / Evie). It gives me some solid survivability, good synergy, and a focus on the strong color.

Thanks for the note on Antidotes, too! I have a good stash of those. I’m thinking then… Bomb Attack, Axe Attack, Health Potions, Turtle Banner.

I’ll letcha know how it goes. I feel some decent confidence that it should succeed and that for once, I won’t be wasting 20 energy. :grin:

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You can do it!

Please post results when you’re done. I’m interested.

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Since the bosses don’t buff themselves, you don’t need strong debuffing. Evelyn also buffs def down only for green, so I would leave her home. Ceadmon does high dmg and dark will hurt the yellow bosses most.
At least 2 or even 3 dark would be a good choice imho.

Boldtusk could be more effective than Kash, maybe bring 3 dark and two reds…

At last it will be a question of luck with your boards. Try to keep a diamond of each color you bring for the bosses also. At least a dark diamond would help.

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You can also use “survi ing team”
3 healers + Kailani can keep you alive, Colen’s DoT ignore armore, use healing potuons and axes

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That team was golden! Oh my gosh… it breezed through so well!

Balthazar died at the end as both bosses had their specials go off at the same time, and Evie nearly died early on the boss fight as she got singled out, but the health pots & double-healers brought her through. :slight_smile:

Since I knew that this would be a challenge for me, I went ahead and recorded it for my YouTube (I put a good number of vids up regarding E&P). I’ll drop a link here once it gets uploaded… my interwebs are slllooowww so, probably tomorrow.

Thank you for the great advice! While I don’t currently have a use for a Damascus Blade, I am so relieved to know that I didn’t miss this rare opportunity to snag one for my squad! :grin:


My Farholme Pass attempt, for those who might wish to see it. :slight_smile: (Team Power: 2800)


That’s great to see! I find there’s a lot of negativity on this forum, so it’s great to see people coming together to help you out in overcoming a big challenge given the level at which your heroes currently are at!

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To anyone else who’s considering trying the final level, my SO did it with a team power of 2650. No purple stack. Best purple hero was a maxed Tyrum.

Full team
Scarlett 3.60
Kiril just below 3.60
Tyrum 3.50
Caedmon - I don’t remember where, but just better than a maxed Berden
Hu Tao - I don’t remember where, but just a shade better than a maxed Bane

Items (used basically all of each of them)
Small mana
Small heal


Great video - thx 4 sharing.
Well done :sunglasses:

Throughout the mobs I always try to kill/hit the enemies with burning swords. That shows that they’ll attack next turn and one of these attacks often takes one half down in hard stages.

Thanks to @CheTranqui for the OP
And thanks to all that chimed in and offered some advice so i could read and learn some different strategies for Farholme I used this team and won


Wow! With Bane and Belith and only Boldtusk healing? Dang! Well done! Congrats on the Blade!

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