Tima's "Unofficial" Official Guide to Speed Levelling

Thanks for the feedback @marge32179; I am happy to know that you are finding good use for it! :smile:

:slight_smile: Tima

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Hey Tima,
well it took a little time, but I got to 4 training camps with one at level 20. Running 2 permanently on level 11, 1 on common / uncommon. OK, so I have had Gunnar, Hawkmoon, Hawkmoon and Azar so far. But, I’m always hopeful.

My Alliance was a little surprised at the speed I leveled up Grimm after scoring him on a 10 pull! The system works, thank you.

I added the final training camp after I had got the Stronghold to level 20. I also found that it was more efficient - time and iron - to run 5 iron storage at level 18 and 8 farms at level 12. I had so much food my 4 mines are all at 20!

Just wanted to thank you.


Exactly what I’m doing i found this out on my own good job! That being said what i don’t understand is why they have only given me 3 tc ? I’m at stronghold 17 and can’t think of why i didn’t get another tc


Hello @Camerom11w, @MaralynManson!

Thank you for the feedback - it is much appreciated, and I am glad that you have been able to implement it to your satisfaction! :smile: Fingers-crossed for you that your TC20 is as kind as mine has been!

:laughing: Thank you for the feedback! I think many of us stumbled on this method, or a variation of it, myself included.

My hope in writing the guide was that people might find this before having to figure it out on their own, especially because it can make a substantial difference in your gameplay in the “early” or “mid” phase of the game.

As @MaralynManson mentioned above, the 4th TC doesn’t become available until your Stronghold is at level 20.

Again, Thank you both for the feedback! I wish you continued success and ever the luckiest summons!


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Thank you Time I appreciate you telling me that . The funny thing is I’ve asked my mates whyyy I don’t have a 4 tc yet no one seemed to know lol :frowning_woman: :blush:

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@Camerom11w, no problem! :laughing:

One of the things I love about this game is that I continue to learn new things daily, and that there are so many players in my alliance, in game chat and on the forum that will answer questions - and now you can share this tidbit with your allies!

The following thread contains links to many fantastic threads, tutorials, faqs, etc.!

I would encourage you to continue to utilize the forum to both ask and answer questions - whether you provide tips to a new player, or you/members of your alliance have questions, the forum can be a tremendous resource.

I have found many answers from helpful members here, and your own contributions will only help to improve the forums(not to mention the warm-fuzzy you get from helping other players!)

Have Fun!
:slightly_smiling_face: Tima

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Got my first 5* at the 7th pull @Tima!

Empire and Puzzles - Training Camp Hero Pulls

  1. Gunnar
  2. Hawkmoon
  3. Hawkmoon
  4. Azar
  5. Balthazar
  6. Belith
  7. Horghall

I even recorded this one. Somehow, i just knew it was going to be exceptional!

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@MaralynManson, Congratulations! I’m constantly preaching TC20 to the members of my alliance for exactly that reason - it is the best chance (by %) of getting a 5* hero the game has to offer! :slight_smile:

Horghall doesn’t get the credit he deserves, in my opinion, mainly because of his slow mana speed.

That said, I think he is an excellent pull:

He has higher HP than Kadilen, Elkanen, Lianna, and Lady Locke; this increases his survivability which is a key factor in a Tanky hero such as Horghall.

While his ATK isn’t devestating, both ATK and DEF can be bolstered via Class upgrades, and his high HP means he will likely fire his special before the enemy can bring him down.

At that point, his Defense Debuff of -34% for 6 turns is substantial in that it allows Horghall(and everyone else) to hit harder, further offsetting his modest ATK stat.

Paired with an ATK/DEF buffer, he becomes even more formidable. Add 4* Mana Troops and over time you can also impact his mana speed (though admittedly, this is a long term goal. :slight_smile:)

If nothing else, regardless of whether you take him to 4th Tier or park him at 2.60, he will certainly add value to your War Teams.

To ascend Horghall to third tier, you will need 1x Compass, 1x Fine Gloves, 3x Scabbard and 4x Sturdy Shields.

For fourth tier, you will need an additional 4x Sturdy Shields, plus 1x Damascus Blade, 1x Tome of Tactics and 6x Mysterious Tonics.

lol, now I have a bunch of questions:

What other Nature heroes are you working on at this time?
Do you have the needed ascension materials to take him to 4th Tier?
How are you fixed on Druid emblems?

I think we all have a tendency to want to Max out our first 5* hero, but need to take all of the above into consideration before deciding how to spend those valuable (and rare) emblems and ascenscion materials. :slight_smile:

Again, congrats, and I hope TC20 continues to treat you kindly!

Haha @Tima funny, I just thought he looked really cool towering over the other heroes! Yes, I think he will be a good addition. Will help against the likes of Isarnia!

I currently have 6 of nothing. So wont be taking him all the way to 80 just yet.

I have used my emblems - sparingly - on 4 * heroes only. Colen, Grimm, Sabina. I’ve held off the others for now. Waiting for better matches in my opinion for the emblems.

I’m guessing 5* will be quite costly in emblems, so will just use them on the 4*. Seems a little wasted on 3 * heroes. It does take a few to go through the levels of talents.

Yesterday I scored Wilbur. Rather happy about that. I picked up skittlebutt recently, shes now maxed and scored Kashhrek some time back. Im lacking a Holy hero. I have noodle slapper Hu Tao but have just 2 orbs! I also scored Inari as a bonus a few weeks back and Onatel! But I can only bring these to 2 - 60! Frustrating.

I do find the game painful in some ways. A little like your child nagging and complaining all the time because they haven’t got the so and so toy or milk shake! There is a constant barrage of requests to spend money or gems (on pretty useless ‘prizes’ for gems most of the time too!). A little like someone who would be a really good friend if they didn’t have that problem of burping or calling everyone an idiot. If you see what I mean.

The game doesn’t instill loyalty but creates a ‘them and us’ mind set. A little like working for a big factory. You’re either in management or a grunt on the factory floor. Strange. I’m hoping that Zynga will see the direction it’s going and find a smoother, more compassionate path. Case in Point, Anchor.

Saying that, I probably play far too much and devote far too much time with the game and you tube, guides, forum reading.,.,.


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Oddly enough, I am also well stocked in the nothing department! :rofl:

I don’t think this is a bad strategy at all - Initially, I wasn’t going to spend emblems on anything other than my 5* 's, but as you mention the Emblem cost is substantially higher on 5* heroes, and the more I thought about it, the more I feel that my 5 * heroes are already pretty beefy (that’s why they have 5 *'s, after all) - and perhaps my 4 *'s would be better served with the HP, ATK and DEF boosts. :smile:

I am still spending them sparingly, but can confirm that Wu Kong is noticeably less “squishy” at 4.80+6 :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow, you have had some excellent luck with your hero pulls!

It will become a difficult decision later between Onatel and Joon, I think, and will depend on your priorities at the time, but I would personally love to have Onatel or Inari, so in the long term, of course you will want to max 'em all! :slightly_smiling_face:

:rofl: I totally understand, and have had my own rollercoaster ride with this game!

I can’t/won’t speculate on any changes in direction under the Zynga umbrella, other than to say that from my understanding, Small Giant will retain all creative control.

I’ve been impressed with the rate at which they are adding content and developing new features, perhaps the game will still benefit from their creativity while Zynga can help to address some of the issues you raised above.

But regardless, in the meantime, I probably play far too much and devote far too much time with the game myself!

So a toast, then, to continued good gaming (and the resulting lack of sleep/productivity!!) :beers:


I was going strong and then all the Excel nerdery blew my mind to bits :confused:…seriously though I read almost all of this, and I’m super impressed with your work and dedication. I salute you and your comrades :love_you_gesture:

One thing I can’t understand though is how to keep a stock of backpacks and swords in mid-late stages of building?

I’m at SH17, slogging towards 20. I have one TC13 and one TC11 running constantly, but I recently ran completely out of packs and swords for my third camp. So now my third camp is burning swords and packs as I collect them during the day and then I switch to extra low cost when I run out of materials or overnight if I can’t supply the mats for a 8+hr queue while I sleep.

Several people in this thread mentioned TC2 being sustainable by farming 8-7, 5-8. Yet in my experience I constantly lack mats and generate a surplus of recruits, even when switching between TC1, 2, and 11.

Am I doing something wrong?
Would you advise that I just accept the slower progress of running one TC13 and two TC11 queues until the T19 boom and then return to using replenished stacks of swords and packs?

Any advice appreciated :slight_smile:

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Hello @krainsy! :smile:

First, thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated!

lol, no, nothing wrong here. :slight_smile: To be fair, there is no sure fire method of maintaining a stock of Backpacks, Swords, Rugged Clothes, etc.

I personally work along these lines:

Farm 8-7 daily for recruits and to fill my Mission Chest.
Once the chest is filled, I use any remaining flags to farm Season 2, Province 1, Level 9 on “Normal” difficulty.
I find this level offers a decent balance of Backpacks/Swords, Recruits, and a good mix of crafting items.
To be honest, I haven’t “crunched the numbers” to see if it is more efficient for recruits per flag than 1-8-7, but it does seem to allow me to more quickly “stockpile” Backpacks and Swords.
Also, if you play the same level on “Hard” difficulty, the loot drop seems to be approximately double. (I personally use my loot tickets when playing on “hard” just for convenience/speed) :slight_smile:

I run into this same issue on a semi-regular basis, and switching TC1/2 over to TC11 temporarily is a sound approach - to some extent, the amount of resources you can collect in a day is limited by the amount of World Energy you currently have, and the number of Refills you are willing to use/purchase.

That said, when I find myself consistently short on Backpacks/Swords, I will load up my second TC11 for a good 3 to 4 day run. Despite the slower training pace, this allows me an opportunity to stock up on Backpacks/Swords. Kindof a “reboot” if you will - seems to put me on track for a week or two, and then I find myself back in this scenario.

Additionally, once you reach TC19 (and it quickly exhausts your supply of food, lol), you will experience a similair (though shorter) “reboot”, during which you should be able to stockpile more Backpacks/Swords for the return to your normal training regimen.

Finally, the last thing I will call out here is that there really isn’t a wrong way to grind, level up, choose heroes or play the game in general. :slight_smile:

Remember it is a game of patience and the grinding will always be there for you, while it can be maddening at times, “Hurry up and Wait” is a fairly consistent experience here - so when short of resources, just focus on the real reason we all play in the first place - having fun! :slight_smile:

Hope it helps, and if you have any other questions or insights, don’t hesitate to reach out!


@steveb9094, sorry to drag you into the conversation while you are on vacation, buuut, I know you have been keeping much better track of the loot drops in Season 2. :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps when you get back, you could help point our friend @krainsy in the right direction as far as the best locations in S2 for stocking up on Backpacks and Recruits?

You are a rockstar my friend!
:slightly_smiling_face: Tima

Wow thanks for the thorough reply…good tips all around! I kinda figured patience was the only inevitable answer but didn’t want to accept it haha

Will def give s2 1-9 a try! 8-7 can get brutally boring…

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Its been a long time since I posted here. Things change a lot after TC20 is running for a while. After rushing my first 5*s and spending my bank, I’ve switched over to 100% on color leveling. Primarily improving bench for wars. Plan to switch back to banking soon but have had a rainbow to level so slower individually but faster over all.

Still do most leveling after pairings and before war. Can’t spend food and iron fast enough always full. Sometimes have to re-roll raids just to free up food storage.

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Here is the information that you are seeking about backpack drops:

2-1-5 Hard: 10 Flags drops an average of 3.5 per hit
2-1-10 Hard: 10 Flags drops an average of 3.5 per hit
2-12-10 Hard: 12 Flags drops an average of 4 per hit
2-17-7 Hard: 13 Flags drops an average of 6 per hit


How did that plan work for you? I am researching best methods for leveling. Close to maxing my yellow, red & purple 4. Got all the mats I need. Got a green and 2 yellow 4 in wait. Swords and backpacks are an issue.

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You get a 4th at lvl 20

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Good morning @Clays3000! Sounds like you are making terrific progress thus far!

Can’t speak for @WinkWink, but I can say for sure that using the same color heroes for feeding is more efficient, as you gain 20% extra XP for each hero, meaning overall less feeder heroes and less Food required to max a given hero.

Over time, I have alternated between the two methods (on-color feeding/off-color feeding) depending on my resources and priorites.

Whilst working on 3 star heroes, for example, I use on-color feeding exclusively for the best chance of maxing their special skill.

Or, if I am concentrating on levelling up my Troops (which requires an egregious amount of Food), I will use on-color levelling during that time.

On the other hand, I was lucky to pull Sartana from TC20 a few weeks ago, and I knew she would have a substantial impact on my Defense team and daily gameplay, so I speed-levelled her according to the method outlined above and took her from 1.1 to 4.80 in 5 days (which, to be honest, could have gone more quickly if I had been willing to “cash in” all of my Food reserves, lol)

In either case, there isn’t a right or a wrong way to approach it - it really just depends on your goals at the time.

Wish you well!


For me, this is what I’m doing:
Currently I’m new about a month playing, lvl player is 24.
Have two *5 (Poseidon and Anzogh, not leveled up).
Not yet having good rainbow *4 heroes, and also mats is limited. And also not much *3 maxed. (my target minimum for heroes of *3 at x3 each color).
So,… while after reading many suggestion and guide from forum/web.
I decide to do rainbow level at the same times.

Priority to make heroes *4 max skil 8/8 at 3.60.
So I’m doing 10x feeders of *1 same-color at the same times for *4 heroes which is not 8/8.
If I get *2 feeders, I give it to *3 heroes (with the same color). I do not care about skill for *3, because it so easy to get 8/8 after 3.50 maxed. And for *4 heroes it is limited by mats ascension items.

Thats it.

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