Need advice

Never played AW our alliance opted out, but I need to grow I’ve got a roster of decent heroes but don t know what I’m doing.

Trying to build a viable group for AW .


  • Start with maxing your defensive heroes
  • Empower your healers and try to have at least one for every attack
  • Level multi-role heroes first and dedicated heroes later
    • multi-role examples: Wu Kong, Boldtusk, Wilbur, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek
  • Level your heroes up to a good level
    • 3.60 heroes are the most common choice: ascend the ones you need the most

To add to @FraVit93 ‘s excellent advice, here’s a couple more thoughts:

  1. Unless you have all the mats to ascend a 5* hero, prioritize leveling 4s first. The 5s are tempting but a 3-70 5* is typically not as good as a 4-70 4*. Also, 4s are easier to level so you’ll be ready for wars faster.

  2. There’s 2 ways to level heroes: 1. Feeding the same color to a hero (ex green feeders to a green hero). You get more experience per feeder this way, but leveling seems slower. 2. Power-leveling (feeding all colors to 1 hero). You get a hero leveled quicker, but overall is slower as you don’t get the increased experience points. This is useful when you only have 1 hero to level.

  3. Based on #2, pick a hero of each color and concentrate on those only. Don’t worry if you pulled a shiny new hero. S/he will be waiting for you once your current one is leveled. This is a game of patience.

  4. As previously mentioned, 3-60 for 4s is a good place to stop and move to the next. They won’t be as strong as a fully leveled hero but will be useful. Once you have 6 useful teams and have had time to play with them, pick the most useful and ascend them to level 4.

This will take some time. I’ve been working on my teams since before AW started over a year ago. Its taken me a year to get 4 teams over 3k and 2 over 4k. Again, have patience :grin:


Ok good advice 3-60 it is. Thank you.

My first advice: change to an alliance that does AW (that or I am reading your post wrong)

Hero advice: You have master @FraVit93 and @LadySuzanne for that


I would agree with Airhawk regarding the alliance. Wars are good and a nice way to grow. Plus you have the chance at getting ascension materials which will help you grow. Everyone starts at the same point so you should be participating in the wars and watching your team grow.

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I appreciate the advice, I am currently co-leader of or group and a loyalist but we don’t participate in AW and only 16 out of 29 hit titans, I need to grow but am torn.

You’re definitely in a tough spot - emotionally and game-wise. I understand the emotional part very well. There are players in my alliance that I am very attached to and I would be devastated if they left.

It’s sometimes difficult to remember this is a game and people get different things from a game. It sounds like what you want is different than the majority of your alliance and that’s ok. You need to determine what YOU want from this game and go with that.

Here’s a couple points to think about:

  1. If you really like this group of players but want more from the game, how about you joining into wars? None of the others have to join, but they can if they want. I’d suggest arranging that with the entire alliance so they can verify their war participation box isn’t checked. Who knows… you may even have some join :laughing:

  2. It sounds like your alliance is struggling with training (Basing that on you being a Co-leader and your post). Figuring it out by yourself is difficult - trust me! If You feel that you are more involved in the game than your alliance mates, and want to learn more, then it’s likely time you move.

There are plenty alliances that would jump at a chance to have you join their alliance. (Shameless plug: ‘We Don’t Kneel’ has 1 spot open. You’d be in the lower end of our alliance, but we’re always open for an involved player :grimacing: ). If you decided to jump alliances, I suggest you open a new thread asking for offers. You will be overwhelmed with offers in minutes. Make sure to state what you’re looking for and adding a roster screenshot always helps.

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Either leave or kick non participating members. At least I would do that.

For a great many players wars are important and there is a good reason for that. Its fun leveling up multiple heroes with different skills and using them! It helps you learn so much more about the complexities of the game.

If people don’t war and don’t hit the titan they are weighing down the people who do. Find an alliance that actually wants to play… isn’t that what we are here for?


First, thank you for the insight, second, I am ignorant as to how one gets involved in AW without alliance support, third it’s the near sighted leading the blind, keep bumpi g into unexpected walls.
My main goals are to learn, grow and participate in all that the game and community has to offer.

This is the foster, such as it is. Do you think I could contribute in a positive way or should I wait and do more prep work.

oops last shot is wrong

If you’re looking for information on the alliance wars in general, this is a good guide

I also study all the raid strategy guides since wars are basically raids with annoying “rules”


Thank you this what ive been say to our group, we don t participate in wars so our focus is on titans, if you don’t hit what is point of being in the alliance . It’s frustrating to say the least.

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AW can be a singular sport, although is sooo much more fun with others :grin: The system creates matches between alliances using several criteria - 1 of which is number of players in each alliance. If you were the only 1 playing then you’d likely face another alliance with only 1 person playing.

Yes, you could definitely contribute! Any good alliance would help you out in this way:

  1. Go through your roster and help you set up the best defense possible.
  2. Fill you in on their war strategy and rules
  3. Review your roster and help you decide which heroes to focus on
  4. IMO, it looks like you have 2 decent attack teams and the rest would be used for cleanups. You need an alliance that is not ‘greedy’. By that I mean, AW is a little different than raids. If you don’t completely kill your opponent, the partial team stays on the war board for another hit (or 2…3…whatever it takes). A good alliance recognized that players may have smaller teams that can be used for these partial teams. That’s where your teams 3-6 should be used.

Im sure there’s more, but that’s my personal opinion. :laughing:


I can’t see how players can really enjoy the game if they don’t participate in all aspects of it. I learn more about how to play/fight and strategize from fighting the wars than anywhere else.

It’s also a great bonding experience for the alliance. Lots of virtual high fives at the end.

I agree that it may be time for you to think about your own gaming experience and seek out like-minded players on another alliance. Yours may be filled with great people, but it really doesn’t sound like a good fit!

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We are full atm, but you would fit in well. While we do have some players with 6 good teams for war, we also have the “clean up crew” who tidy up :smile: Matchmaking takes into account your roster, so not having 30 leveled heroes is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is fun figuring out how to make the best use of what you have. In the right alliance wars are fun, and no-one is judged for incomplete rosters or bad luck.

There are plenty of excellent alliances out there :slight_smile:

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@nailbender61 I got busy but meant to post this earlier for you :grin: If you’re interested, you’re welcome to come visit our alliance. Some points on this thought…

  1. You can learn wars, ask more advanced questions (what hero to level? Why? Etc…) and experience higher level Titans (I’m assuming you’re not hitting 9-10* titans yet based on your post). You could then take that information back to your alliance and help them out. Maybe they would get excited about war.

  2. If you find you don’t miss your old alliance and are liking the game more, you’d be welcome to stay - assuming you like us, our rules, etc.

  3. If you find you’re not missing your old alliance, are enjoying the learning experience, but we aren’t the right fit for you - no problem! You’d be welcome to hang out until you found that forever home :grin:

Again, the thought is to get you the information you need. You’ve expressed that you’re not sure which route to take. It’s easier to make that decision with more information.

Regardless, if you decide you want to leave your alliance and create a post seeking a new one, you might want to add a link to the post on this thread. I’m sure there are already several wondering if they can put their name in the hat for you :laughing:

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