Tiburtus or Cheshire Cat for yellow Titans?

The name’s just like it says on the tin there. I’m looking for who should get my trap tools, and right now I’m looking at a solid companion to pair with my Guardian Panther.

Tiburtus gives only -34% defense down at average speed but for 6 turns whereas Cheshire Cat gives -44% at fast speed but only for 4 turns and specific only for yellow Titans, which to be fair is my primary concern.

For raids I’m going to have a one-two punch of Panther and Seshat which is already silly (a 3/70 Seshat typically does between 700-900 damage without buffs). Tiburtus doesn’t play that well with his ranger big sister in that regard.

So thoughts?

For the specific use you’re looking at (yellow titans) I’d think the cat would be better, although he does have one of if not the most intrusive and disruptive animations in the game, which can be a real pain in the *** when playing against the timer. I also like to use him when I’m forced to go up against a really troublesome tank. Nothing is more enjoyable than making Tanky McTankface go and sit in the corner. His DoT is also kinda nice when facing riposters.


Agreed CCat has a better -defense than Tibertus at fast speed. Although it’s only 4 turns instead of 6, that’s on fast, so it’s pretty close on coverage.

The animation is annoying but, if you’ve memorized your next move or two, you can play through it.


Besides his def dow is 44% against tibs 34%…

I chose to level Cat before Tib. My aim was more to defense down yellow tanks and then crush them. He is my only poison that works to eliminate Quin. Cat stands well against Titans but I use him there because I lack purple hard hitters.


Would you rather have Wilbur or Gormek? Not exactly the same example but I never lvled the big orc.

I was mostly just wondering if the math works out that the lower defense down is balanced out by lasting longer.

If you bring tornadoes or pots Tibs longer lasting debuff won’t matter - Cat will outshine him.

Du you use Wilbur though? I do and that’s what’s stopped me from leveling the Cat for titans.

Generally it depends on the boards.
Overall, for yellow titans it would be Tibertus assuming you get an average board and having the extra 2 turns of debuff makes a lot of difference.

I don’t emblem Tibs, I would just mana pot him then he can rest in peace for all I care. Keep Panther alive for the high offense.

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He used to be a staple on all my Titan teams, depending on the color as my team compositions differ, but lately I’ve been using a 4-1 color build (4 of the strong + Ranvir) and seeing if that works better than a 3-1-1 that I’ve been using in the past. In the past I’d had Wu Kong on everything except rare yellow Titans due to the reflect, and a defense down that was typically Wilbur unless it was a blue Titan in which case I’d sub in Grimm. The ones that would do worst are the colors that have no +attack or -defense, so on purple Titans for instance (I don’t have Jackal), I’d have to bring a Wilbur AND a Boldtusk which I’d assumed cut down the damage a lot, but I only have an anecdotal feel for it, not any solid, statistical data on whether it’s better to go 4-1 or 3-1-1.

So just to try and keep the thread on topic, does anyone know which would be a more effective comp versus Yellow Titans:

Boldtusk - Cheshire Cat - Guardian Panther - really any high damage purple (currently Merlin for me) - Ranvir. (3-1-1)


Sabina - Cheshire - Panther - Merlin - Ranvir + Bear Banners. (4-1)

On the one hand, the 3-1-1 build gives a much bigger boost to attack value than Bear Banner but loses a 4th hero of the strong color. On the other build, it allows the maximum stack while still benefiting from Ranvir but the Bear Banner buff is weaker.

My anecdotal feel is that 4-1 is overall stronger than 3-1-1 but more dependent on good boards, and they’re both pretty similar in damage output, for me anyway. A bad board and especially paired with bad Ranvir luck means I can do abysmal damage, but a great board and a lot of luck regarding Ranvir and the weak spot can cause phenomenal 6 digit damage sometimes, albeit not on a regular basis.

Does anyone have any good Titan data on team compositions?

In general, is it better to bring a neutral-color (or even scarier, weak color e.g. Wilbur v. Blue Titans) but bigger buff or try and stack as much of the strong color as possible and compensate with banners/harpoons?

Edit: I might just make a new thread since this is starting to veer off topic. Titan Damage Optimization

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