Tiburtus, Merlin or Chesire Cat?

Hi mates,

i thinking about who i should max next.

Tiburtus → good for Titans, Raid, War
Merlin → good for Raid, War
Chesire Cat → very good for Titans and Mythic Titans

I am leaning to Tiburtus because he is the most versatile.
Or is one of the others so exeptional good, that i should max it first?

Thanks for your help!

depends on your roaster and if you want to emblem. But tibertus is the first choice, he has solid stats, damage and def down.


I would max Merlin first, he is insanely usefull in every game aspect. He was my first purple 4* and he changed my early game.

I have all three on max. I focused on Tiburtus first, then Merlin and Finally Cheshire Cat.
I use them all and I don’t have any regrets in the order that I prioritised them.
Good luck


I have all three fully leveled and partially with emblems.

Really depends on your line up. If you don’t have Grimm, or Gormek then possibly Tiburtus first.

Mana suppressors are good, but defense down hero is more versatile. For challengers anti mana heroes rule.

Maybe Merlin if you don’t have Proteus or any of the other Tier 4 mana stoppers/preventers/silencers. <Cabin Boy Peters, Hansel, Gretel, Proteus, or Tettukh>.

Frankly, I got Gretel before Merlin and pulled Proteus at the same time. Although Merlin can be useful, I just don’t use him much.

Cheshire cat has better Def down than Tiburtus, I was using him for titans, but if he fires before his DOT finishes, he is not adding a lot more damage. I don’t use the cat anywhere else.
I found it annoying to weaken the tank and then have him swap in a full health corner…lol


Thx for your replies.

I will max Tiburtus first and then I will have a look :slight_smile:

Another vote for Tiburtus


Say it all together,

It depends on your roster and play style


Generic, Tiburtus

Tiburtus is great at 4*+18 defense path

In line to be LB in my roster ( soooooo many good 4* purple ahead )

Generic, Merlin

Merlin is sturdier than Proteus, but only effects target unlike Proteus target and nearby

Merlin available from Academy but Proteus locked behind Atlantis coins which no longer drop as random loot

Generic, Cheshire Cat

See notes for Generic, Cheshire Cat


Click for notes

Cheshire Cat


A very good friend from Beta



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