Gafar or Merlin

Since I’m still wating for Sartana, I have to choose my next Dark hero to work…

Besides having Chesire Cat sitting @1/1 I’m inclined to work on either Gafar or Merlin… Thanks for any advice…

I lean slightly towards Merlin for mindless attack, since that basically guts a special attack from an enemy.

But both are very good heroes.

I have both and would suggest Merlin first. Works great in a stack against the holy titans. When the titan fires under Merlins spell it shoots it self. Just my two cents worth and good luck :wink:

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Thanks… I really need help against Holy Titans…

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If you don’t have tiburtus or another way to defense down the Titan, Cheshire Cat is useful versus yellow titans with his defense down.

Somehow I’ve managed to not get Tibby yet lol. So Chesh Cat actually is on my yellow Titan team.

The cat actually additionally is quite useful on a back end war team for me. His special is almost always useful in war raids. I never expect it to be hah. But it almost always is ;p

I do have Gafar and have had him leveled up a long time. I find the two turn limit on his ability can be tough to work with. He’s great for cleanups but on a fresh attack I don’t find his ability amazing…

I have Merlin, but because I knew Cheshy would be of benefit against yellow titans, I chose to level Cheshy first. Amazingly I don’t regret it haha :slight_smile:

Hope that helps to complicate your decision … :wink:

TLDR; consider the cat :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, a little lol…

Here my Dark heroes so I can be helped choosing the best one to level up first…

Rigard 04/70
Proteus 04/70
Tiburtus 04/70
Domitia 03/70
Sabina 04/70
Quintus 02/10


The cat isn’t gonna help ya much on titans if you have Tibby :slight_smile:

Honestly I think they’re all pretty good.

So I think largely what you have here is a: ‘who do you like the most’ situation :slight_smile:

None of these guys are totally gonna break the game for ya :slight_smile: might be nice to have some defense down redundancy on titans. But far from essential.

All 3 of the heroes have their strengths in raiding. Gafar excellent as a single target scalpal… the cat great for planned swings at teams with some hidden heroes you wanna get at. And Merlin is just a real solid raid hero all around. Mana control plus some damage… (I do view him as mana control btw. I also have proteus and felt like proteus was better than him… might be wrong but I kinda prefer proteus mana controlling 3 heroes versus Merlin on one ya know)

Anyway. If you really like the flavor or idea of one hero, IMO that’s your guy. I don’t believe there’s a truly best choice here, so I think it’s who do ya like :wink:

Edit: proteus plus Merlin might actually be a pretty sick basis for a raid team. Mana control out the yang :stuck_out_tongue:

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