Chesire cat question for titan

So how does this work? If I use this mono team, and tibertus does 34 defense down and cat does 44 defense down for purple, are those combined or does one override the other?

They over ride their spls. Cat fires first being fast, I dont use Cat and tibs for titans. together.


Gotcha. Thanks for the response.

Cheshire Cat’s debuff is NORMAL defence down.

Not ELEMENTAL Defence down (ala Guardian Panther).

People often get confused because Cat’s skill references a colour in there BUT it is strictly referring to TARGETTING of the debuff… NOT the effect of the debuff.

In more words it says:
“Only enemies that are of the HOLY element will recieve a -40% defence debuff for 4 turns”

Comparing that to Guardian Panthers skill wording which says:

So as above, Tiburtus/ Cheshire Cat will over-ride the other’s defence debuff.


Thank you m appreciate it.

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