Here is my current 4&5* collection.
I want Tibs for my Holy Titan team, but Merlin just looks so ■■■■ cool. Who is next?

Merlin is unique, useful against big bosses, titans raid/war also. Since you already have Wilbur and other ramming pulverizers, I would do Merlin.

It’s fun watching Alasie killing an ally… :blush:


Tiburtus is definitely amazing and worth leveling. However, I do see that you have the other two pulverizers maxed already. I personally always favor variety. Merlin is an excellent hero with a unique and fun special. I actually have a maxed Tiburtus and an unlabeled Merlin. I cant wait to get to him after I max Hel. I vote Merlin.

I’m gonna vote for Tibs since you already have Proteus. I had to make this same decision a couple of months ago, and I have zero regrets in taking Tibs first.

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Merlin is the better choice all the way.

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Merlin for sure, especially since you already have the Hall and Oates of Ramming Pulverizers. His special is useful in so many situations. Merlin is getting my trap tools next too.

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One more vote for Merlin, if there is only a spot for one more purple on the team he always wins over Tibs. He plays well with Proteus, because you can cover most of both flanks with mana control. You have 2 other defense down pulverizers, making the choice easy in my opinion.

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I won’t be on the popular side here, there are situations when you will need purple pulverizer, (not Wilbur nor other colors) and handy to lower df of 3 enemies in that case.
Merlin only attacks just one enemy, agreed, he is unique, but not so versatile.

Also for mono color approach, looking at current status of your roster vs yellow Titan, the only ready heavy purple hitter is Sartana, I will vote Tib. for his role in such team.


In my honest opinion I would have to say Tiburtus, he would be more versatile for you

Merlin, he is really good to have in any event. It’s great to see the enemy kill each other. Have both levelled and Merlin is hands down way more useful

Merlin had his niche but imho it was perfectly filled by Proteus (and I see Prot in your lineup).
While Merlin and Proteus don’t work exactly the same, in your situation I’d still go for a purple pulverizer first.

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I had the same conundrum a while ago and went with Merlin. I don’t know what level titans you are fighting? My alliance does mostly 11* and Wilbur is a must for me to not get one shot - meaning tibs is meh compared to Merlin (who does significantly more damage when fired at the right moment). And Merlin is FUN :D!

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Tiburtus is far better , no conundrum here. Tiburtus with costume

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