Three stars heros!

I have fully level up some of my great 3 * heros:). Should i join them into my team (that is the difficalt part). SO what do u think. They work really well with 4* creatures for some of them but i don’t know what to do? :neutral_face: :smirk: :grimacing:


  1. By-Ulf
  2. Nordri
  3. Kvasir
  4. Chick Jr.
  5. Buchan
  6. Hawkmoon (both costume and non-costume)

Out of them? I cant claim full knowledge , but Kvsasir, Nordri, Buchan, Hawkmoon, who is awesome, and Chick are keepers. Keep By-Ulf if you have the space for a 1:01 hero but otherwise kick his sorry butt to the kerb.

EDIT: I have ~40 x 3 stars so what do I know? EDIT: three stars may well be the best fun you have in game. I’m a 4 star player but I love the three star tourneys.

Kvasir is very good. I use him in all 3* tournaments and will use him in 3* challenge events.

I think you have a good assortment of 3* heroes, but i think you still need a few of the 3* snipers to compete in events/tournaments.

Bjorn, Gato, Balthazaar, Namahage among others I am leaving out. Can Never have to many 3* when first building your roster depth for war.

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Ok i have some of the ok 3* and snipers but i am just wondering that should i put them in my offence team? All of my three stares are powered up to max level.

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What heroes do you currently have maxed?

Can you take screen shots of your roster?

Why not use them if they work for you? Actually, to become a skilled player you need to learn all your heroes (and not yours too) and their abilities.
Try all your heroes in different combinations on map levels for example. You need to understand their synergy well to build effective attack teams.

As far as I remember you have some not fully ascended 4* too, so you can combine them for the best effect and diversity of special skills. Fully maxed 3* and 4* at 3.60 are about the same power.

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You’ll want to level all those 3*s.

By-Ulf’s buffs are very good for his rarity and his drawback can be easily prevented with Gato.

Nordri is a must-have for serious Challenge Event scores.

Kvasir is very useful in raid tournaments, both for offense and defense.

Chick is the most powerful 3* that hits all enemies – and like By-Ulf you can prevent his drawback with Gato.

Bauchan is a good support hero and formidable tank for the 3* raid tournaments.

Hawkmoon’s costume makes her a mini-Boldtusk so really that should be enough on why she’s a good 3* hero.

Keep and level them all IMO.


Thanks @DaveCozy. I haven’t blown him out the airlock yet (By-Ulf) but no one has tried to explain him either as far as i know!

By-Ulf is particularly useful in certain 3* raid tournaments. No red allowed and buff booster or mana rush make By-Ulf a monster.

Hi, thanks for taking the time! I can see that the attack and defense buff is great but the negative status effects really worry me. Because of that I haven’t leveled him up so I can even give him a run to find out! :confused:

You definitely won’t regret it. I used him as tank in a buff booster tournament when red wasn’t allowed and had an A in defence throughout the whole tourney. When By-Ulf’s special fires, he and his two neighbours not only get attack, defence boost and regeneration but also another huge attack boost due to the tournament rule. When By-Ulf’s negative effect kicks in (only for him, not the neighbours), the attacking team is usually already dead or at least severly damaged.

Also, in raid offence the four rounds of super-boost easily outweigh the negative effect afterwards.

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Thanks, I recently got a Bjorn and he is marvellous; they might make a nice team?

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Just to day i got use all my flask and gems to get 4 3* from season one!

That seems to happen frequently! I feel your pain!

Björn hits really hard with By-Ulf’s bonus, so (depending on the opponent’s team) they could be pretty strong together :blush:

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