3* Hero team for tournament and events

Hey guys, I have decided to level some 3* hero’s to be more competitive in tournaments and events. I had always just skipped all the 3* stuff. I don’t want to waste training them so I was looking for some help in picking out the best ones. I haven’t seen much on the newer 3s but some look pretty good. I always keep at least one of every hero I get so I have most of the 3s. Anyone have any suggestions?

From Hawkmoon to Berden, these are the 3*s that I personally gave emblems to:

I’m not saying you have to emblem them yourself, but the above may give you an idea of the ones that I personally felt were worth embleming, and thus the ones I found myself using the most (that I have anyways). I’ve since added Ishhtak to that list too, as he’s a high damage green 3* with emblems (only one that hits 3, makes him great for events).

There’s others too like Kvasir, Chick Jr., Sudri and cBelith who are also worth emblems and I use often too for 3* raid tournaments only – however as far as emblems go, I had to stop somewhere to allow myself wiggle room to emblem my main war teams.

I have duplicates of Namahage, Bane, Gato, Berden and Mnesseus too for Challenge Events.

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Mileage may vary on everyone’s “favorite” 3 star heroes, but here are mine.

Red - Hawkmoon (especially the costume), Bauchan, Ei-Dunn, Squire Rabbit, Namahage, Sudri and Jahangir (last two for rush tournaments).
Blue - Nordri, Gunnar (costume bonus), Vodnik, Jarvur. Also have Valen and Karil (costume) maxed.
Yellow - KVASIR!!!, Bane, Melia, Pixie, Agnes
Green - Belith (costume or not), Shrubear, Berden (costume), Carver (costume), Muggy, By-Ulf
Purple - Bjorn, An-Windr, Balthazar (costume), Tyrum (costume), Renfield (costume)

Not sure which ones you might have, but those are the ones tha I mix and match for challenge events and tournaments.

Good luck.

The community is definitely lacking an authoritative guide on which 3 stars are best, but with a lot of play trials in tourneys and events, these are the ones I (only my opinion) think are best

Purple - Balthazar, Bjorn, Costumed Tyrum, Gil ra (Note: C. Tyrum and Gil ra are the only 3 star cleansers)
Yellow - Kvasir, Pixie, Bane, Melia
Blue - Nordri, Gunner (costume and classic), Gato, Jarvur, Chick Jr.
Green - Grevle, Mnesseus, Shrubbear, Belith (costume and classic), Costumed Isshtak, Costume Brienne
Red - Costume Hawkmoon, Namahage, Rudolph, Ei-Dunn

There’s probably another dozen or so that are also quite useful, but these are the ones I continuously find myself using during tournaments

Thanks guys. That’ll definitely help me out. I had taken a pretty long break from the game and when I started again there are a lot of new heros. I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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