Three 5 stars are gonna get ascended -- question is, which ones? (Mystic Rings and (Two) Royal Tabards)

So whilst I’m sweating that I only got one Tome of Tactics left, I see in my Items that I got enough to ascend one fire 5*s, and enough Royal Tabards for two dark 5s ascends. So I reckon it’s time for me to think about who to ascend next.

So far, in the (Red!) corner! I have;

Azlar, fully levelled + ascended
Marjana, fully ascended, lv 9/80

Candidates for my 3rd red ascension are;
Captain Kestrel

Aaaaand in the (Purple) corner! I have;

Sargasso, fully ascended, lv 20/80 (my only 5*s ascended purple :’( )

Candidates for my 2nd and 3rd purple ascension are;
Guardian Panther

So far, I’m eyeing Captain Kestrel for red, to go with Sargasso, and Guardian Panther for purple, as I need a fast purple and I have Guardian Owl too, but as I have enough for a second ascended purple, will I pick a second from the list? Oooor wait until I get other purple 5*s?

I’d love to get some feedback! Thanks! :smiley:

Would you give your emblems to your new 4.80 heroes?

Cleric: Grazul, Grimble
Fighter: G. Panther (Sargasso ascended)
Rogue: Captain Kestrel (Marjana ascended)
Wizard: Jean-François, Sartana
Sorcerer: Quintus

If you want to do well with titans having an ascended G. Panther is good, if you want a solid PvP purple team Sartana and Panther would give you that. Ther’s no really need to emblem G. Panther but it would be nice to let her become a bit sturdier.

Purples: G. Panther + Sartana

Do you have troubles when facing blue heroes? Ascend Jean-François.
Do you want to prevent status effects from being applied? Ascend Grazul.
Do you want to pew pew things? You can’t go wrong with Captain Kestrel (you should give him Marjana’s emblems tough).

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