Ascending one in each color

Hey guys. So i have enough material to ascend one in each color. I play mono. Planning on ascending

guardian panther-white rabbit-Ariel-lianna-tyr

Unless anyone has any other thoughts. I only have emblems on 3 of my 4 stars. Crigard-hansel-jackal all at +19. I want to pull hansel out of my main green team for 2nd lianna. Debating about pulling emblems from poseidon for tyr to make a super red team. Thanks for any thoughts

My personal choices would be:

Purple – Guardian Panther or Alfrike. Panther is boss as in just about every setting. Will pair perfectly with your current maxed 5* purples. Alfrike as an option cause she’s just a monster when she fires off.

Yellow – My only hesitation with saying White Rabbit is that you already have a Yellow Defence Down hero in Costume Vivica… I would possibly be inclined to suggest Onatel for some boss-as mana control.

Would probably suggest Frida for the elemental defence down. Not quite as amazing as Panther is but still super useful in a blue stack. Will accentuate the awesomeness of Finley, Magni & Alasie.
Ariel is a close second with Alice next IMHO.

Tarlak. No question as you don’t have a better Tile Buffing hero. Read more about my preferences/ order on the Damage Boosters in this link: Titan Damage Boosters: Miki vs. Tarlak vs. Ranvir vs. Wu Kong vs. Guardian Gazelle
Tarlak was the OG improved damage booster over Wu Kong & will also reduce your frustration due to wu kong missing. :slight_smile:

Red: Agreed on Tyr here. Awesome Red sniper :slight_smile:


Wow thanks @Guvnor. This is why i did this. Yes on tarlak. I keep pushing him back. Pushed ariel back too, but i hear you on frida. And yes onatel Is sweet tough choice. I feel like may use wr more. And can put emblems on her.

I held off g.panther hoping for jabber but no dice. Panther is awesome just at 3-70.

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I agree with @Guvnor. However, on the other elements:

Blue: I would prioritize Athena. She hits the target with splash damage to nearby and deals extra damage against reds. But her most significant power is her regular defense debuff up to -65%, which only costumed Brienne has been able to replicate so far. Next would be Frida. Both girls have very good synergy with each other.

Red: I would max Azlar and costume. Not only is the costumed hero cool and scary to look at, but he has devastating skills. The best thing is, you can make him fire from a slow hero to average.


Thanks @ultra appreciate it. Ive been thinking on frida and athena for awhile now. The only reason why i didnt consider them is i already get high titan score in my alliance. And i doubt i would use either in my mono team in war or raids. As i want all fast. Right now i do finley-Cmagni-costume kiril(i go regular now)- vela-alasie. You both hve given some more to think about for sure

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I agree with Guvnor, and I think that given you have CMagni, Athena def down is a luxury, whereas Frida provides a skill you don’t currently have

Both of the reds suggested have something going for them but fast is generally better in the meta right now so Tyr probably shades it. Burning their whole house down with Azlar sounds like fun though!

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I was about to say the same. +1 for Tarlak.


Purple - G. Panther no question
Blue - Frida

Yellow - You already have 3 great strikes maxed, you don’t really need WR at this time unless you’re really focusing on War. I would go with Sif as she has versatility.

Red - Tough choice but either Tyr or C. Azlar. Both have uses but Red has such few snipers so Tyr may be the wiser choice. Depends on your play style.

Green - A 2nd Lianna is good. You have enough good healers and she’s the best choice of the snipers you have.

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Thank you @pb9921 . Ya sif has been on my mind along with onatel. All good options. But ya sif is an awesome support hero

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