Thoughts on Guinevere

Level now, beast, one of the best tanks in game. I guess knowing the rest of your roster would help give better advice but yeah level her ASAP lol


Can give you a link to my YouTube with all my heroes and base besides quinavere as it was taken almost right before her but have been flagged and what not constantly by people for posting my channel link even though i just started using forum tow day ago lol. so not sure if I can give it to without people trying to flag and hate on it. If I can let me now

Hope you don’t mind, I’ve changed your thread title “Guinavere”. A great pull, as @Warco has said, she is one of the best tanks.


Lol of course not and thanks for the advice

Also is it like illegal to post links to my channel or is there like a specific rule or something? Been flagged for putting my link in like 2 posts and was called a “spammer” lol

For your reference @jordanhamtheman08, just in case you missed them. My gut response is promoting your own YouTube channel isn’t the purpose of the forum - you’re new so you wouldn’t know. Instead there’s lots of discussion and advice which is freely given.

We have fantastic player / moderators who can answer any question use “@” and gamertag if you need their expertise.

Advice please @zephyr1 :smile: (not purposely distracting you from counting to 20…quick friends :wink:)


Thanks for the advise Sarah! Will definitely do that. Was planning on using my channel to help people out although I probably should have put that in the post. Hind site is 20/20😀

I see that you’ve already received a private message about this, so to recap:

Posting once in this thread was fine: Youtubers: Let's see those E&P Vids

Posting multiple times and in threads that have nothing to do with sharing YouTube channels is not.

Hope that helps clarify. :slightly_smiling_face:


Also Sarah you should think about becoming a moderator. You’d be a perfect fit


And I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve changed it again to Guinevere. :slightly_smiling_face:



Ok but how can I start my own one of those that legal?

The Forum really isn’t for promoting YouTube channels. The thread I linked above that you’ve already posted in is an appropriate place for that.

One thread in #community-content would have been fine, but you got flagged after also posting it in 3 other places.

So let’s stick to having it in that thread linked above for now, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Can you add me on line. I have more questions and it’s rather annoying and tasking to constantly reply from here. My line id is jordanhamtheman

I’m sorry, but I have to decline. I get a lot of messages as it is, and in the interest of time management and efficiency I don’t communicate with Forum members about Forum issues via Line.


Fine. How does one become a moderator

Small Giant periodically reaches out to members of the Forum to ask if they’re interested in becoming moderators.

As far as I know, there have only been 6 of us so far, so it’s not super common that they add people.

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Sounds like a piece of cake

Actually @jordanhamtheman08 our voluntary forum player / moderators work overtime and @zephyr1 is tireless!

Read for yourself. What’s it take to be a mod?


I know right! I see him all over the place commenting. And just letting you know I meant becoming a moderator was a piece of cake as a joke.

Guinevere is only usable as a defensive tank. If you need one of those or your alliance runs yellow tanks in war she’s one of the best. Otherwise, I’d actually hold off on her. She’s subpar on offense.

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