What do you think about Guinivere

Hi all, I think Guinivere is a hell of hero and almost impossible to take her down in raids, especially when placed in center. Her special power is a nightmare and I have the impression she generate mana like a fast hero (although it.is written average)… any insights/recommendation?

for her you go in raid whit 3 purple minimum. or if you don’t have purple go whit 4 same color exsample 4 red or 4 blu. see the enemy heroes in position 2-4 and go whit 4 hardest color of one. and you have impression she generate mana like a fast hero is for the troop. sorry for my terrible english


and she is the best central hero in the game for me now.

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If your opponent has high leveled troops the average mana becomes fast

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Even with lvl 30 mana troops it’s still little slower than fast, but yeah you have a point.

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Indeed. Wonder how to take her out during avalon event

I think the avalon boss version of Guin was nerfed for last time, so it’s not quite as bad now. I don’t remember the details.

Is this aham from artisan taxidermy? If so let me know i have a friend of yours trying to reach out to you. Thanks