Please help with future defense team

Hey guys!

Currently my defense is as follows:

I was kinda lucky during my Valhalla pools so I also got a few nice heroes:

What would you suggest?

I would like to try Telluria+Freya combo but dunno if it is worth it. Though I don’t have any purple 5* besides 3 Quintuses :frowning:

My initial idea was to try Jean-Sif-Telluria-Freya-Vela but then I lose a fast hero in defense.

Please help with your ideas! I can’t decide.

If you want both Telluria and Freya in you team you could try with Sif as tank:
Marjana - Telluria - Sif - Freya - Kingston

or with Jean-François as tank:
Freya - Telluria - Jean-François - Vela - Kingston

or directly with Telluria as tank:
Marjana - Vela - Telluria - Freya - Fighter Joon

I would say that the last one seems to be one I would run.

About the last option: why Marjana instead of Jean?

What is your reasoning?

Marjana as a sniper can deal well with every kind of heroes while Jean-François that would relies on moderately lowering health to all of the opponents could see very chances to shine as at the point of the battle he would fire the attacker could easily have charged cleanser healers or (worse) he could ending doing a 1v1 with heroes as Kingston.

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