Thorne still worth it (2022)

I’m f2p player, but since I play this game for almost 4 years now, I aquired some reasonable heros over time.

Yet blue is still lacking, I do have Isarnia and Magni levelled, but need another 5* mostly for Alliance war or titan.
I have Thorne at lvl 70, but unfortunately not his costume, is it still worth spending scopes on?, I have 18 at the moment. (also have a second Isarnia and 2 Richards, not levelled at all)
None of my Blue heros have costumes :frowning:

I fill in the gap with 4* blue, but still, I want something more durable

I would level up a Richard over Thorne although Richard doesn’t bring much to the table for titans.

What is your current red titan team?

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Personally I would wait for a better 5* blue or the costume for either Thorne or Richard.
Can you try HA10?
Richard makes a better tank.
Thorne in Costume paired with some other heroes can be devastating in offence.
Whichever hero you choose good luck

For red titan, Isarnia, Magni, Sonya (lvl75) , Wu Kong. And costume Rigard.

I don’t even know if it’s the best strategy, but for titans I always have 3 of strong element against it and Wu Kong.
And another one. Which can be anything except weak element for that titan.

One to lower defense of the titan (usually Isarnia) and one to increase hero strenght, (Costume Rigard, Boldtusk, or against blue titans Heimdall)

Im always running HA10, so I get a chance once a week,

Also have enough 5* for a soul exchange. But seen that just once so far.

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Since you are ftp and with 18 scopes I wouldn’t be too worried about spending 6 now. If you can emblem Richard and need a blue for war then I think you could get some use out of him. Of cause not up to current new heroes but then you could be in for a long wait.

Do you have Kiril? If you do I would take him instead of Regard for red titan.

How about Jott and/or Nordri? If neither then Magni (or whoever has highest atk.) instead of Sonya.

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Yes maybe I should start bringing Richard to 3/70 first.
I do have Kiril, Grimm, and some other blue (Mireweave, Boril and Triton) but not bothered to level those yet.

Also wanted to level Kara, but since I have enough yellow already (and only 5 darts) , I need to focus on blue first

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I used Thorne for a long time . I was super lucky and snagged Frida, which makes him a lot better. He’s since been replaced by Lepus.

He’s not a heavy hitter, but I liked his sturdiness. I’m not sure I’d use him without Frida, though.

As a f2p’er myself, you have to use the hand you’re dealt. Once I collect 12-18 AM’s, I’d ascend the best candidate. That way, if I got some miracle pull, I wouldn’t be kicking myself.


I’m F2P/VC2P with 3+ years playing time, also have the same problem with blue. Since you already have 18 Scopes, I think its safe to use it on Richard or Thorne. I’d pick Richard over Thorne, but you probably have enough scopes to ascend all vanilla Heroes before you’ll get your desirable blue.

For me the only non vanilla blue legendary is Ariel, and its came from SE (so yeah I trade 15 for her). Now I have like 30 Scopes with no hero to ascend.

Wait a better blue 5* and the value of slow S1 5* without costumes are for SE only. I got cKrampus from saved gold tokens and Mr. Pengi from HA10 in last Dec and used 20 unused 5* including most of S1 slow 5* to exchange for LoLo. Just want to say, there is much chance to get a better blue 5*.

I don’t have much to add other than without costumes Richard and Thorne are essentially the same in terms of function. My Richard is +20 and my Thorne is 3:70 just because I got Richard first. If the order had been reversed I am certain it would be the other way around.

My main goal was to tag someone who is a real Thorne-aholic to weigh in: @Noble_Weasel

Also, slow S1 5’a are not just SE garbage for FTPs


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Actually I used to think the same, the problem is during my 3 years playing time, the great Blue hero never came, while the scope was piling up. I got like 30+ scopes now collecting dust. I ascend some “weak” s1 heroes when i got more than 18 scopes

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Thanks, @Muchacho. As I’ve said elsewhere, Thorne is what he is - a damage dealer. It’s all his special does, so I think you should try and make that count the most. Accordingly, I emblemed him on the attack path, leveled his costume, and limit broke him. The result is here:

The costume gets him down to 9 tiles with a decent mana troop. On my team, he charges comparably with Krampus and C. Kiril, which makes him punch pretty hard. 490% to the main target is pretty significant. Also, he got to 985 defense, even going attack, and he gets the paladin boost on top of that. Now, I think C. Richard actually has the highest defense in the game, so if you are looking for pure durability, he may still be the better choice, but Thorne mixes a good wallop with the ability to take a beating, but at the expense of any secondary effect whatsoever. Like you, I’ve not been overly blessed with good blues, (Krampus being a notable exception, obviously) and I think Thorne has worked out pretty well for me.


Thorne was my first 5* blue and I leveled him right away. It was a while before I got a second leveled. I found that when I paired him with Grimm and Kiril he was an absolute beast and I could come close to wiping out half the raid defense out since they charged at the same time (or pretty close). I use him a lot less now that I have some stronger blues, but he was a mainstay for me for a long time.

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I just pulled Klaern (while doing summon with collected underwild coins) but with his slow mana he doesn’t seem very useful.

A bit like Isarnia but without de def down debuf. And some extra damage.


i will wait for next SE at the end of next month (not sure).

I prefer Richard over Thorne, the attack debuff is good. though if you plan to use them together, Richard + Thorne is better (a 2nd Richard would be used in war or the tower events maybe).

If you have 18 Scopes I say ascend away, I do not know how much you summon, but it seems unlikely you will suddenly get 3 great new Blue 5* before you will get 6 more Scopes. the 18 Scopes won’t do any good sitting in your inventory. of course, this depends on how much you do summon :slight_smile:

Also, losing one 5* should not make too big a difference for Soul Exchange.

So I say, ascend away!

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I probably mentioned this before… But the costume does allow the special to go off in 9 tiles with only a lvl 5 mana troop… That can be helpful with either version.

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I started levelling Richard, I guess I can spend 6 scopes en keep the other 12 for when a good blue comes up. Klaern seems completely useless and not worth spending scopes on. He would have been decent if his speed was average instead of slow. And I still have unused sorcerer emblems.

I got vivica’s custome recently so I levelled that first.
Also got Mother North from the HA, and Kara a couple of months ago, so decent heros keep coming at slow pace.
I don’t spend so have to rely on tokens and HA
I had vip in the past but since I have all buildings maxed I don’t need the double builder anymore.