Who to ascend: Aegir, Fenrir, Raff, Isarnia, Richard or Thorne

Hi there, took me a while to ask something that I never understood others were asking and that is the dreary who to ascend question :slight_smile:

I finally have gotten my 6 scopes together and a little Armada of semi worthy blue heros that want to aspire for higher tasks.

For my knowledge of the game, all of the above mentioned are more or less on one level. B to B+ heros depending on the circumstances. Is there one that stands out for you and should be prioritized? Also i dont want to wait for a maybe better hero, because I just never get the “maybe better” heros. So work with what I got it shall be.

Any advice would and shall be highly appreciated!

I have Fenrir+4, Richard+8. I use them for war mostly. Fenrir works best with another sniper, who brings the target below 50% LP, then Fenrir’s 600% attack is a killer. Richard works as Tank. I’d like to have Aegir as tank or Isarnia…

It would make it easier to give more meaningful advice if you provided more context to your roster. Who do you have maxed already?

Out of the heroes you mentioned, Fenrir is the best offensive option. Aegir and Richard mostly fit the role of tank position.

Fenrir IMO.

Where you’re at in the game (relatively early, if you just got your first set of scopes completed, right?), titan heroes should be your top priority. But, none of these heroes are particularly titan killers.

PVP modes (raids and wars) are probably next most important. Speed is king in PVP, and Fenrir is your best option of the bunch that way.

Aegir can be fun, and is a decent tank, but he’s not as versatile.

Raff is a very powerful healer. I just always hesitate to recommend slow heroes.

Isarnia actually is a pretty good titan hero, but again, slow mana makes her less useful in most other scenarios.

Richard and Thorne are both just very MEH.

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Aegir as a tank is fantastic as long as the opponent doesnt know how easily his shared damage can be dispelled. ON OFFENSIVE IT IS A DIFFERENT STORY…
I think all of my blue 5stars have their pros and cons which makes it so difficult to decide and also because it has taken me 9 months to get the 6 scopes together.

So far I have only Clarissa maxed with JF on 4:72, Drake Fong on 4:65 and Kadilen on 4:55. Only good heros remaining on bench are sartana, Zimkitha. The rest are middle class like khagan etc and dupes

Exactly my dilemma :wink:
Slow or meh…
Or muster up all patience and wait for a non meh hero, but that may take another year
Im between Aegir and Fenrir as of now. Raff is working pretty well on 4:70 and Fenrir is really fun to play with…I´d love a Magni but TC 20 is only spitting out 3* feeders (80 pulls so far)…

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Sartana and Zimkitha are both extremely good! I have Sartana at 4/64 and I’d like to get Zimkitha, ok, I would consider GM.

You can pair fenrir with other snipers to make sure fenrir kills a hero under 50% . Ive heard fenrir is underwhelming if the target is full hp. So he alone cannot inflict a lot of damage if the target has full hp.
If you need a revenger fenrir, a tank aegir , a tank that inflicts some damage richard, a healer raff.

I dont like Isarnia, i would msx her if i dont have another better option around. Maybe if you have her costume but if not id pick the others you mentioned before

And I will ascend them ASAP without a second thought, but the problem here is not htem but the dam blue heros :slight_smile:

Mmm, my experience is different. When my Fenrir is ready to bite, there’s usually some tile dmg done, so there’s at least one hero bellow 50%. Thus, the main issue with him is you may not be able to finish the most threatening hero in defence without some additional dmg from other heros. But I use him with Sonya and Triton, all charged at the same time, so it can be done. He is a bit situational, but I’m quite happy with him. Many times he was last one standing, and that self-heal kept him alive until the very end. Plus, I don’t have other heros who can bring down Tell with almost 50% health. :slight_smile:

I was talking about he being underwhelming hitting a 100% hp hero not an injured one. All we know that fenrir main strengh is overkill a hero who is below 50%.
Hes a good pick , i dont want to be missunderstood. But that op wont expect a sniper. As you said , fenrir needs some previous damage done to shine


Yup, can’t hit whenever, whoever for maximum output. That’s 100% true.
I wanted to add to this discussion that I feel like it’s not that much of constraint, as it sounds. Sometimes, definitely.

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Yep, so far Im leaning towards Fenrir. he can make a tremendous difference, that most of the other afore mentioned cannot provide. Will also pull on Costume and valhalla and maybe someone even more enticing comes my way…

Fenrir->Isarnia->Thorne imo

Rafael if and when you need the heals.

Aegir and Richard when you have scopes to burn.

If you pull any costumes for Isarnia or Richard you can change some things up

Thanks to everybody!
Fenrir it will be unless the pulls will alter plans :slight_smile:

I love my Fenrir +9 a lot. However, he’s fast, so often you have to hold off on him firing until you have a weakened ememy. He works well with Sonya because they are the same speed and she normally damages one enough for Fenrir to finish. Have fun!!

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Im itching to ascend him right now but I try to hold out until after the pulls :wink:

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