There, I said it - Melendor is rubbish 👎

Maaan, dont be dissing Melendor and Sabina for their brittle jaws and tender constitution.

With all these Guin tanks and blue-new comers both Mel and Sab make for great 3rd heros in AWs.

When your hero stable grows, running 3/2 teams with strong/neutral colors becomes more and more effective. And using setups like these is quite effective



Thats awesome. I have Melendor for
Matchups against blue titans because his offense is quite superior. But I will never change my bookend of Mother North and Rigard. Rigard is fantastic. Built like a tank and heals up others great. Plus with MN doing her thing theynvan drive u bananas. Glad to c Rigard getting love!

Love me some Sabina, have her at talent level 6 and she can take direct hits from Aliase now.

I did give Melendor one talent level so he can make a minion now and then. He does that more than I expected.

Actually Sabina is pretty great nowadays and that’s because of her “witch” class, of which there aren’t that many. Emblemed Sabina has lots more durability and general power level close to 5* heroes.

Regard, is a cleric and Melendor a wizard and those classes have lots of other more useful candidates for class emblems.

Rigard is 100% worth the emblems in his class.


When all you have is a hammer…

… every thing looks like a nail. Including actual nails.

People get tired of me saying this, but a GOOD 4* 3.60 or 4* 4.70 or 4*+1 rainbow team depends of synergy - effects working well together - Melendor and Sabina and Rigards stat are perfect for the original Wu Kong Cascade Squad.


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Debuff without hitting sometimes has great advantages, perhaps if you’re against Elena or other reposters.

I also met a def team with Mele and Sabina that got me in big trouble.

Sabsy Azlar Rigard Mele Sonya

Very very sustainable and even with my Rigard I wasn’t able to melt their health bars, before I got burned down…

That is a trying not to lose defense with a hope that Azlar will pull it out for you. They should pull out Sonya and put in Triton.

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There already was enough health and Sonyas debuff shredded my buffs. But Trity can be useful to leave at least one healer at home.

Melendor is all I have for now, working on Kiril, & once Zim is max’d, start on Boldtusk (Zim max = @ next to last ascension). Need rings badddddddd

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I also find him pretty useless as I take him for the debuff but by the time he is close to getting it he has died.

Doesn’t help that he is only 3/60 I suppose

Potentially he can now be ranked up on emblems, but he’s fourth in my list of green druids

Melendor and Sabina were my first two “real” healers and with excellent tile damage they are great for stacks. Now Sabina has emblems and is much tougher, just three levels to get health and defense boosts. It works.

Melendor won’t be getting that treatment because Zimkitha ate the emblems and is not getting up from the table.

Two things that seem to have been underestimated.

  1. The value of high attack stats - close to the best of the 4* class
  2. Debuffing without hitting, cleans the entire enemy team and you get properly healed in the process.

Rigard is fantastic with his survivability and cleanse, both are valuable. He joined my team so late he sits at 3-60 and only made it there because of class challenge events (he will go to 4-70 eventually). You learn to play with Melendor and Sabina…

Sabina still joins raids when raiding against Guin with someone tough next to her. Sabina takes Delilah’s place (4-80+3) and usually does her job.

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I need a Druid healer for Class quests so I’ve been praying for Melendor to come out of my TC20. No luck so far : (

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Melendor is highly useful in the class trials, particularly against Boril. Not only are his green tiles strong, but he can rinse away the riposte.


I agree that the new Trials have added value to all sorts of previously unloved characters :sunglasses:


Yeah so rubbish i got two maxed out, use them for AW and now they’re perfect for the fortitude trial.
Yeah Melendor defense stat is shaky but he compensate it with high tile damage, great heal and the most important thing for me, he dispels. What i like about his dispel it that it works without hitting the enemies like Caedmon or Sonya, so if u have only 3 targets remaining with Boril in the middle, u kinda have to sacrifice the dispeller for that direct hit.


Agree with a lot of the posts. Melendor has high tile damage and lower D but you can offset that with a strong critical troop. He is a niche healer and I use him week over week for AW with great success. You just need to use him vs. particular heroes with certain support attack heroes to be successful… much like the other heroes in this game. He is definitely not rubbish but is less universal than Boldtusk, Kiril or Rigard (the only cleanse 4 star hero).

I have 4 OR 5 Melendor. use them for war.

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Use Mel/Sabina against rare titans with riposte.

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