Sabina Costume?

I got Sabina costume and wonder is she in match with Rigard now?
Her bonuses are much better now.

I will definitely use her much more. Her role is different than Rigard’s, but the best thing about her costume is that she will charge with 9 tiles with mana troop lvl 5.

So, very usable against heavy buff teams. Rigard will keep his role for cleanse, but Sabina has her own niche now. :slight_smile:


No,she is not. Rigard is better, Rigard C much better


I already have costume Caedmon, so I have cleaner in rainbow team.

and thats the point, there are some fast dispellers,…Sabina is average, still low defence. I got them both Rigard and Sabina maxed ( first I got Sabina , for long time my only healer what i got ) , but i use her very rarely

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I wouldn’t say she’s better or worse, just different. If you need a cleanser you still need Rigard, if you need a healer who also dispels and blocks buffs on top, Sabina is your girl.

But fwiw Sabina’s costume completely blocks heal over time since it counts as a “buff”, so healers like cMel and cRigard literally do nothing if cSabina fires first.


Sabina, like Melendor, dispels without hitting so she can neutralise a riposte hero without taking damage.


As I see all of you agree she is better with Costume?

Situational, I’d say. You definitely want to get the costume up for the bonus but there may be times when a straight heal is more important to you than the heal over time + buff block.

I do think cleric is a better class for healers than sorcerer, too, because of the mana shield, but there’s not much in it. Happy to defer to other views though.

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I think Sabina Costume is better Rigard in only specific scenario.

I think Sabina Costume is comparable to Melendor Costume and normal Rigard (if you don’t have Rigard Costume), but by overall, Rigard Costume is better and more widely useful.

Sabina Costume is comparable or even better than Rigard Costume in 4* rush attack because she can neutralise many powerful tank, for example, riposte hero, Gullinbursti, Wilbur, Boldtusk, etc.


She will be awesome in 4* buff booster. But overall cRigard will be more useful. Still, I like her costume.


Rigard is better overall because he fits perfectly in current meta with all status ailments that need to be cleansed, but Sabina will definitely shine brighter in some situations. I’m very happy because I got her in this costume chamber. :slightly_smiling_face:


I got 3 Sabina… Is there any use to max 2 of they because of buff blocks?

Yes, I actually have 3 max Rigard+20 with max costume. He is useful almost every where. And most status ailment have more effect than buff. This make he more useful than dispeller.

I don’t have Sabina Costume but have Sabina+18 because I have no better sorcerer.

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C Sabina is way too OP that she outshines her fog of the fallen counterpart melendor. I mean heal, dispel and buff blocker in one?


Dispellable HOT though. Has its advantages but can also be a weakness.


Thank you all for help.

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