Unti ranking and leveling help

I pulled on the new event and managed to get Obakan, Anzogh, Sabina (I have Rigard though) I like her better so I may consume Rigard lol.
Also two 4* guardians fire and light.

Basically I get shredded by teams w max 3* so should I be leveling 3* or continue working on 4-5*? Just with slower progress.

I also am wondering where these units fall in rankings? Are they worth it? Anzogh looks solid. I read Obakan isn’t all that.

I start from the ground up - 3* then 4*, but that is my play style. And please, don’t eat rigard, he’s one of the best 4* in the game. I’d save all 4* you get and even doubles of certain ones.

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Was just coming to say this. If you don’t want him, I’ll take him. I have yet to draw him, and he’s on my most wanted list. Note: I have a 4^70+6 Sabina, and I still want him.

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Ah nice, aren’t they the same though? I wouldn’t actually burn a 4*.

I just don’t know who to lvl up first honestly

Sabina dispells buffs from all enemies. Rigard cures ailments on all allies. Rigard should be your target for leveling.

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Sabina and Rigard? No. Sabina heals and dispels buffs from enemies. Rigard heals and dispels ailments from allies. Both are useful, but the former is way more common than the latter. Melendor’s special is identical to Sabina’s, and several three- and four-star heroes hit for damage and also dispel buffs from enemies as a side effect (Tyrum, Mnesseus, Sonya, Caedmon, etc.). The only other three- or four-star I can think of that cleanses ailments is maybe Gill-Ra.